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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "Shock And Awe" Against Women

Minorities in America have long known that many whites assume they have a conferred privilege not afforded to others.  African-Americans and Latinos have been the recipients of oppressive relegation to second class citizenship since any of us can remember.  Well, before minorities of color became the object of scorn and life of the oppressed, other minorities "caught hell" from what can only be described as white people.  Their is one major difference in oppression of old (in the US) and oppression today. Oppression of old was focused on the Irish, Germans, Italians and people of other European nations (other than England). Once those groups assimilated based on a common, or close proximity, skin color the oppression focused squarely on women, Asians, blacks and Latinos. 

Oppression against Asians, blacks, and Latinos stand on one side of the "Fabric Of Oppression."  Women stand on another side of the "Fabric", and may never achieve the level of acceptance comparable to ethnic and racial minorities.  There is this overriding and dominate perception that the male is the dominate being and should have the dominate role in all facets of life. 

Women in most countries have been forced into specifically acceptable roles and into their respective societies preordained  "capped-off level. Often that level included or includes sex (in some cases) raising children, cleaning and cooking.  The vote was not granted to women until the early 20th Century.  

From John and Abgail Adam's jousting about women in matters of government (via the Constitution) through GOP refusal to even consideration and Womens' Equal Rights Amendment, men have stood in the way of women as fully assimilated in our (and most other societies). There are many religions that do not respect women as equal to men. 

The following exhibition is typical of some men and endemic to conservative America.  Lou "I have no equal" Dobbs lead a panel discussion that included template GOP misogyny.   You will also notice that Fox News (Business) called-in its resident cosigner of all things bigoted by fill a camera shot with Juan "color commentator" Williams. 
Erick Erickson: Female Breadwinners Are Antithetical To Nature (VIDEO)

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We cannot simply stop there with overt cases of oppression against women.

Let's explore one more continuum of conservative disregard for women as equal to men.  We start with the lowest of denominator, "street racist and misogynist." Our point on misogyny appears towards the end of the video and is captured at the end of the excerpt below the video (highlighted). 

Townson University's rebuked (and non associated) White Student Union.  This year's CPAC circus was highlighted by yet another example of Tea Party ignorance and stiff-neckdeness.  A Tea Party group sponsored a paneled mini-session entitled: Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Called a Racist and You Know You’re Not One?” 

A Tea Party titled session guaranteed to attract Tea Party  like flies on manure. And, it worked!
CPAC Tea Party event.  Avowed racist Matthew Heimbach and slavery rationalist Scott Terry attend with clear plans to disrupt the black conservative speaker.

Mediaite also published a piece to accompany the longer version video posted above.  The Mediaite piece shows yet another perspective of the interchange between Scott and Katy Jordan, a documentary filmmaker.  Despite the more widely broadcast version of  the K. Carl Smith video (with some in the audience showing obvious signs of dismay at Scott's racist tirade) Jordan published a different perspective of the interaction. Kim Brown, who was seated near Heimbach and Terry she was shouted down by members of the CPAC audience. 
The Blaze published an expose` on Townson University White Student Union (WSU)  founder, Heimbach.  The Blaze piece includes a link to the WSU Blog.  Of course, my inquisitive mind facilitated a click of the link.  Two articles standout as noteworthy.  One article title refers to Heimbach as "Commander."  The other noteworthy piece was a March 4th, post related to WSU's plans to attend a Ron Paul speech at George Washington University. 
Both Rand and Ron Paul have documented expositions and archived information related to their anti-Civil Rights beliefs and positions, their angst about EEOC Title VII Fair Employment legislation and their Libertarian lust for states rights. "State's Rights" is a euphemistic idyllic state of libertarian and racist Land of OZ. 
The Atlantic Wire's March 15, piece revealed yet more about the "Trump the Race Card" session.  
Before we move to a short video Thom Hartmann interview with Matthew Heimbach, let's finish on the very vocal Scott Terry.   
On March, 16, CBS News writer Jake Miller published a piece related to the segregationist in the CPAC session.  
After the panel, the blog reported that Terry asked, "Why can't we just have segregation?" 
Terry, who was sporting a Rick Santorum sticker and claimed to be a direct descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, told ThinkProgress he'd "be fine witha society in which African-Americans were permanently subservient to white people. He also said African-Americans "should be allowed to vote in Africa."  
At one point, when challenged on the heritage of the GOP by a female onlooker, Terry responded, "I didn't know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public."

From street racist and street misogyny to billionaire bigotry that is even more negative towards professional women and women as contributors to our society. 

Linked Washington Post article

You may ask why we moved from street racist/misogynist to Paul Tudor Jones.  You shouldn't have to ask; of course, there is strong connectivity.

Jones has donated money to numerous Republican candidates.  In 2012 he donated $200,000 to Mitt Romney.[23] In 2008 Jones donated to John McCain and Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaigns.[24]
Ah yes, WIKI has its issues, but in this case deep searching for Jones' connection to conservative politics was shortened significantly. 

"Shock and Awe" against women is a embedded in conservative America as systemic as the party obstruction against improving the nation's econ,y and working to provide jobs.  


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