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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama Goes On The Offensive Via Frank Talk! Benghazi and the IRS

Let's review a press conference for the ages and analysis on the IRS issue via Rachel Maddow (below).  

I often used video from MSNBC for obvious reason, he network is the voice of progressives in a sea of conservative media.  We know of the role Fox News plays in US politics. You should also know that CNN has embarked on direct competitive attacks against Fox to steal viewers.  The sad part of that dynamic  while understandable from a revenue perspective, it places CNN in the precarious position of, "What happens when you guys fail?"  The network will never steal enough hardcore FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) sycophants to have market share impact. If you doubt my posit on CNN's changed business model, each their booked guest and pundits.

You will notice the second video segment below is of Fox News. We like "Fair and Balanced."

This week in US politics has been both busy, disgusting and revealing.  Prime Minister Cameron's visit to the US has been tarnished by 'hopes' and claims of scandal from the Right.  We have yet to find validity in either claim. Two of the most noisy claims from the Right are: "Benghazi" and the IRS alleged victimization of the tea party.  Associated with those claims are keywords like, "Cover-up" and  "Abuse of power." The Right dares speak about abuse of power as if Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice never existed.  If you need a bit of icing on that spoiled cake, mixed and baked by the Right  add a bit of insanity.  Dick Cheney speaks out of the side of his crooked mouth like no other.

Maddow on the IRS issue. 

The segment is 10:24 minutes, but the issue demands deep analysis and opine.  Ultimately, Maddow ends the piece with, "IT MUST BE STOPPED!"

Since, this issue is unfolding as we breathe, I will leave this one for deeper probing by the Department of Justice.
Fox News Insider also published a piece on Obama's reaction to claims of a cover-up.
'There's No There There': Obama Slams GOP for Criticism Over Benghazi Talking Points 

At news conference, President Obama denies the White House tried to play down terrorism following the Benghazi attack.

President Obama went after Republicans for creating a political "sideshow" by continuing to accuse his administration of intentionally altering the Benghazi talking points in order to remove references to terrorism.
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If you need more evidence of GOP "Witchhunts" click this link.
Seven Other Scandals That Didn't Tunrout To Be Scandals Till We  Meet Again on the Trail GOP! (Link)

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