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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

White House Email Scam Not Working As Planned?

The pathetic games being played by the Right, certain media and gullible people who are relishing for an Obama 'flop' is truly making the nation look bush-league and silly. If the markets were tanking, it will be "Look the markets are tanking.' If the economy was really bad, it would be, "Oh the economy is tanking."  Right-wing interest in interesting into Syria is not tracking.  Issues relate to gun control have been pushed to the back-burner with hopes Benghazi will reflect negatively on President Obama and former State Department Head Hilary Clinton.  The GOP is a disgusting lot and as shameful as it gets.

They busy themselves with 'hopes of scandal' while successfully masking "obstruction."  They work from "issue of the month" while passing bills to rid the nation of the 40 hour work week, deny minimum wage increase, an celebrating obstruction to gun control. 

Of late the GOP has gone Benghazi 'orgasmic' based on alleged email from the White House leaked earlier in the month.   You may recall incessant demands to release the full scope of email form the White House by Boehner, Issa and others.   CNN has apparently obtained copies of the original email from deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. The original email does not read as the copies promulgated by the press (and others).

Jake Taper is reporting details associated to what appears here.

More details from Jake Tapper.

Claims the administration deliberately acted to enact a "cover-up" mere weeks before the November Elections is starting to look like, a bit of cunning subterfuge.

 Fox News Insider (Linked below)

President Obama addressed the silliness in a press conference on yesterday. He avoids use of the word, "silliness", but it does not take  much to read between the lines.

President Obama went after Republicans for creating a political "sideshow" by continuing to accuse his administration of intentionally altering the Benghazi talking points in order to remove references to terrorism.

While the president was speaking CNN must have been busy doing a bit of digging!

Think Progress also has published a detail screed about the original email and those that somehow made it to the GOP hatchet men.

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