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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi Convicted Of Federal Corruption Charges Joins A Long List (GOP and DEM)

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Former Arizona Congressman, Renzi, convicted for federal corruption. We are seeing more an more of this stuff and it cuts across party-line How about a guess as to the common thread among all cases: money. Before we look at an Open Secrets money trial on Renzi, lets take a quick look at historic corruption at the highest political level.

Political Corruption

Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.

Corruption in the US Congress is nothing new. I cannot recall a single year in which I was spared the astonishment of the extent of greediness and corruption in human beings.  As a young person, I was unaware of the opportunity for government fraud, money-grabbing influence peddling and other means of securing money well beyond the congressional paycheck.

Richard Nixon's Spiro T. Agnew was my first exposure to seriously corrupt politicians.  In May of 2012, Real Clear Politics published a list and bios of their assessment of the ten most corrupt politicians in US History.  Since the Real Clear Politics list appear infested with Republicans we sought a list of democrats deemed corrupt based on the classic definition of corruption. Ranker Dot Com published a list of Democratic corruption that reaches well back into the 1800's. A couple of names stand out as noted perpetrators of fraud and corruption. The Ranker list was created before the conviction of Illinois Governor Blagojevich and probably well before the admissions of Jesse Jackson Jr. and before allegations against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (An  no conviction to date and should actually not have been added to the list)

My purview of the lists also didn't yield Tom Delay (R) Texas. We went with our lists knowing the lists may fall shy of completely comprehensive and up-to-date.

A site called Top Secret Writers list five top corrupt presidential administration. While the list includes Richard Nixon, we notice it excluded Ronald Reagan. Reagan: The Daily Kos; Reagan WIKI.  Some have written that George w Bush was a close second to Reagan. I posit Bush's major corruptions were international (wars), a fake economy (Sub-prime Bubble and no regulation), No Bid war contracts to Halliburton, and the Halliburton Loophole (Fracking exclusion that could have benefited Cheney Halliburton holdings).

The latest conviction for fraud and corruption was handed to former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi: Federal corruption.  NBC report on June 11, 2013, linked. Open Secrets took a look at Renzi's money trail and appeared ripe for "bought influence" and criminal acts.

Open Secrets

Rick Renzi. You may want to click a few tabs and make certain to click the "Patriot Fund" PAC link.  I cannot help, but wonder if this guys PAC money received any IRS scrutiny.  Of course, there probably was no 501 (c)(4) issues with the Patriot Fund PAC.

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