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Monday, June 3, 2013

DOJ, National Security, Media Issues And We Do Not Care!

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DOJ Media Probe – Why We Don’t Care.

doj media probe header DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
trea·son (noun)
1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
koch brothers DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
Charles and David Koch
It is very disheartening to realize that effectively, there is very little difference between the Koch brothers and those who own and run our media outlets. In both cases you have extremely wealthy people who have agendas and the means to pursue those agendas in a manner that excludes competing viewpoints. Yes, everyone has a voice. However, when you’ve got wealth, you have a megaphone that allows you to shout down competing positions.

cable news networks DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.We recently became aware that the Department of Justice obtained the phone records of reporters working for the Associated Press. If you had asked me to speculate on the odds of Fox News, Huffington Post and MSNBC all being in agreement on an issue, I’d of put those odds right about even with Hell freezing over. Imagine my surprise when I awoke one fine day to discover that all the News channels were in complete agreement on an issue.
attorney general eric holder DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
Attorney General Eric Holder
Any issue that could make Fox News and MSNBC see eye to eye, simply demanded further investigation. Even more so as more and more media outlets began to pile on. As usual – for Fox – their target was Attorney General Eric Holder. I will admit, based on the reporting it was disturbing to think that the Federal Government would acquire the confidential work product of renowned news reporters… in secret!

Having been burned a time or two, I’ve learned to look prior to leaping based on some media outlet’s say so. What I discovered was shockingly simple. Contrary to the impressions being spread, there was good reason for what was done and it was in fact a matter of National Security.

There is a distinct difference between a “whistle blower” speaking in confidence to our “free press” and someone using the press to reveal “Top Secret” information. Information, that once revealed would weaken our nation, put at risk the lives of those who work with our assets on foreign soil and ultimately put at risk the lives of Americans right here at home.

DOJ Media Probe

underwear bomber DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
Underwear Bomber
Most of you will recall the “Underwear Bomber.” What most do not realize is how close he came to succeeding. Unlike the “Shoe Bomber” who paused to say his prayers first, allowing enough time for a vigilant Stewardess to “Cold Cock” him before he could put a match to the fuse of the bomb hidden in his shoes, the “Underwear Bomber” was successful in setting off his device. Fortunately for everyone on that plane, rather than detonate as planned, it simply burst into flame, burning severely some rather sensitive portions of his anatomy.
anwar al awlaki DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.The people we’re at war with, are not stupid. They analyse what went wrong, and seek to improve their devices for their next attempts. It turns out, we were fortunate enough to capture and get our hands on one of their new and improved devices. It was whisked to our labs over here for examination and analysis. The “intel” from that device would have given us a lot of information. How their bomb making techniques have improved. What chemicals they’re currently employing. How they’re triggering the new device and most importantly, whether or not our current security protocols and technology would be able to catch these new devices.

fbi crime lab quantico DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
FBI Crime Lab
That information is only good so long as “They” don’t know we’re on to them. Nobody with the clearances to even know we had one of their devices, nobody with the clearances to analyze their device, should be spilling the beans to ANYBODY, let alone a reporter(s) working for an international news agency.

When the DOJ read the AP article in March of 2012 outlining the operation, stating that our CIA had seized the device and that it was being examined and analysed by the FBI, as you might imagine, there was an immediate investigation launched behind the scenes. This was information that had to of come from an inside source.
espionage DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
We’re talking about espionage.
When people make honest mistakes, they do not seek to cover their tracks. Clearly whomever leaked the information was not an amateur nor was his or her leaking of the information accidental. If it had been, they would have discovered the person responsible and dealt with them. The “DOJ Media Probe” is mute testimony to the serious nature of this situation. They had to approach it from the media end and work backwards. Now they’ve got a double headed situation. If they’d walked through the front door of the Associated Press and made their request. The reporter may have tipped off his or her source that they were on to him. This may have provided time for the destruction of evidence and possible escape. They needed to know whom was in contact with the Associated Press. Someone who would also have had access to, or the security clearance high enough to have access to sensitive information at that level.

Yes, the DOJ Media Probe truly is a matter of national security. This has nothing to do with “Whistle Blowers” or weakening the First Amendment protections of our “Free Press.” This truly is a matter of National Security. It is important to note, the DOJ actually showed an amazing amount of restraint. They could have easily seized AP offices around the country, put everyone out, padlocked the doors and then combed through all of their files at their leisure. Instead, they did not even record the contents of the conversations of the AP reporters, they simply made a log of whom they were talking to.

Media Reaction

This entire scenario has given us a wonderful insight into what is wrong with our “for profit”News outlets. At one time they taught in journalism classes, the goal of any news report is to answer four questions:
  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
A Journalist adds one more question, “Why?” No opinions, just the facts as you know them to be. The Newspapers did add Opinionated Editorials which we abbreviate as “Op-Eds.” These were entertaining and provided food for thought, but we understood these were the opinions of the writer and not necessarily based in fact. We weighed them as such and there was no attempt to pawn these off as “News.” They even had their own section in the Newspapers.

andy rooney DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.
The late, great Andy Rooney

Today we have opinion masquerading as news! Andy Rooney’s segment at the end of “60 Minutes” was an Op-Ed. He made no bones about it. Everyone understood that Andy was not reporting on the News. FOX News, MSNBC and CNN have more “Op-Ed” shows than they do actual News shows. When it comes to actual News, I’d give the edge to CNN. The other networks are basically all opinion unless there is an actual breaking story unfolding. Even then, most often they fill empty air with “talking heads” who proffer their opinions about what is unfolding. It’s all entertainment.

Proof There Is Really Little Difference Between The Networks

The DOJ Media Probe has certainly provided proof that there is really no difference between the major Cable News outlets and many of the Printed and Electronic Media outlets. If any of them had gone back to the fundamentals of News Reporting and Journalism, the whole DOJ Media Probe wouldn’t have been much more than a 5 minute piece. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The true story had nothing to do with the DOJ Media Probe. The true story was whether or not one of their own was complicit in treason? Isn’t it interesting that they all seem to be ignoring this angle of the story? It is this very uniformity in their approach that gives cause for pause and raises one’s suspicions. When News Agencies who have a track record of disagreeing on almost every issue they focus on, suddenly line up and fall in step? That’s not just unusual, that’s like waking up tomorrow to discover that the Sun is now rising in the West and setting in the East. You might want to seriously examine, what happened over night while you were sleeping.

Mind Control And Media Manipulation

mind control 01 DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.Most people never stop to realize that one of the most powerful tools of mind control and manipulation is the News Media! You turn on your television each evening and you’re not only being told what is important, but what you should think about it. The world is a big place. History is being made around the globe everyday. There simply is not enough time to cover everything. Thus, someone has to go through, pick, choose and aggregate what should or should not be covered. This is where the mischief begins.

No problem! We all agree this is necessary. However, have you ever wondered whom decides what is presented? What criteria do they use? Take the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting for instance. Absolutely tragic. The liberal media – MSNBC in particular – have used this tragedy as an excuse to run anti-gun pieces night after night after night. Almost each show on MSNBC devotes some portion of its time to beating the drum for gun control. It’s no longer news. Anybody who was interested or not, now knows everything that happened surrounding the shooting. Well, the official story at least.

mind control 02 DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.How many children died? Around 20? Presumably, it is out of concern for the children that MSNBC, night after night, like a broken record on a record player you cannot unplug, gives all it’s viewers their daily overdose of anti-gun medicine. Clearly they’re no longer reporting the news. They’re not even engaging in legitimate “opinionated editorials.” What they’re endeavouring to do is manipulate society and cause it to move in the direction that they have chosen. Incessant repetition is one of the main tools of brain washing.

Why do I call this, “attempted societal manipulation?” If MSNBC or for that matter, any of the Cable News Outlets were really concerned about children, they’d be discussing the nearly 20,000 children that die every single day because of starvation or treatable disease. Every day, 1,000 times more children die than were murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary school. Yet, not a peep from the liberal media. By way of analogy, it’s like someone on the Titanic complaining about a leaky faucet in their Stateroom.

Either you care about children or you do not. MSNBC’s hypocrisy knows no bounds or, what they’re actually doing is using their platform to advance an agenda. In this, they’re no different than the Koch brothers or other monied interests on the “Right” who use their wealth to buy elections and purchase politicians. The end objective is exactly the same.Subvert democracy and shape society to their liking. Perhaps it is because the nearly 20,000 children who are dying are not white? Maybe it’s because they weren’t shot with a semi-automatic rifle? Maybe somehow they’re less dead because they weren’t shot?

Why We Don’t Care About The DOJ Media Probe

I am happy to report that as of today, the American people have not completely succumbed to the mind control methods being employed against them. Based on the polling, we get it! The American people know that one of the primary functions of government is to provide for the safety and welfare of the American Citizens. When a News Agency begins to publish top secret information that could ultimately cause the deaths of innocent American Citizens, we not only expect our government agencies to take action, we demand that they do.

associated press DOJ Media Probe   Why We Dont Care.If anything, the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder, may have shown too much restraint. By giving a “heads up” to the terrorist, the Associated Press may have caused the bomb makers to refine their methods and technologies such that their next attempts will meet with success. The blood of all the innocent victims of the next attacks, will be laid at the doors of the Associated Press.

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