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Monday, June 10, 2013

Snowden A Ron Paul Supporter?

Small Image of the Day! 
The TPI does not see a national hero here.  We see one who has motives beyond his on camera ramble, and we see a dangerous person who is awful physically close to China.
Huffington Post reports Snowden is a Ron Paul supporter.  From my perspective, that places him squarely in the corner of potential seditionist (anti-federal government stance), state's rightist and libertarian. I may singularly hold the view that all of the aforementioned are bad for the nation.

I made that last statement with full knowledge, many potential felt the same way about Ron Paul aspiring to the US Presidency.  As I think of Paul, my mind is clouded by a few considerations.

Paul wanted to eliminate federal agencies that despite the need for tweaking have real value in our society. He openly and boisterously spoke of eliminating FEMA. He spoke as such with natural catastrophes sprang-up around the nation like unwanted weeds (fires, tornadoes, hurricanes).  I recall one utterance. He stated in the old days the "church" took care of people in times of catastrophe. The GOP is about regression, but reaching back to colonial times for examples is typical Paul. Didn't Paul indicated an affinity for legalizing Heroin?

IMe thoughts of  Paul are embodied in this image (below and in this context).


“Anonymous” Reveals Close Ties Between Ron Paul And Neo-Nazis

Ron Paul’s “South Was Right” Civil War Speech With Confederate Flag 
Ron Paul Was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion 
Jamie Kelso, a notorious white supremacist has bragged about being a Ron Paul organizer and has several pictures from Ron Paul events posted on his website “White News Now” 
Kelso was the person who took the picture of Ron Paul with former Ku Klux Klansman, Don Black and his son, Derek. 

When I think of Ron Paul, I think of the Ron Paul NewsLetter. Paul says he did not write those things. Well....

The Daily Kos "Associates of Ron Paul say he proofed and signed off on racist newsletters"

And, finally when I think of Ron Paul and his son, I think of their stance on state's rights.


Ron Paul is as good for the United States as the Koch Brothers. Funny, they have one thing in common: Libertarianism.  

Huffington Post's piece includes comment from Rand Paul  about the NSA meta-data gathering.

In a statement sent out Monday afternoon, Paul praised both Snowden and Guardian journalist Glen Greenwald: “We should be thankful for individuals like Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald who see injustice being carried out by their own government and speak out, despite the risk. They have done a great service to the American people by exposing the truth about what our government is doing in secret."
"I wish I could say I was shocked at the reports the NSA is secretly spying on the private phone calls of millions of Verizon customers," said Paul in a statement. "However, this is a predictable result of a government that continues to erode our liberties while promising some glimmering hope of security."  
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced a bill on Friday that would prevent the government from obtaining the phone records of Americans without "a warrant based on probable cause."
A flipping Ron Paul supporter! The profile is set. Somehow someone gave him a break, hired him as a security guard (somewhat under-educated mind you), and set him on a path that could lead to technology secrets to China.  

Snowden joins the throngs of state's rightist, legal heroin espousing, abolish FEMA Ron Paul nut cases. 

A debate about security vs privacy should ensue, but I just listened to a segment on NPR that really kinda of nails this guy. He is reported to be a Loner who would not say hello when spoken to.  In his video segment with Greenwald, Snowden lauded the virtues of a free society in Hong Kong (far from the truth and seemingly spoon feed propaganda).  His comments about the freedoms in Hong Kong speak directly to a mindset is generally found among "single issue" self-proclaimed activist, or Fox News viewers. 

You may have noticed that I am not one who at all favors release of government secrets. My thoughts are particularly germane as I consider the nature of modern day warfare. The very fact that at least one home grown terrorist (Linked see the "Plan Section") was arrested as he journeyed to NYC with bomb material in his car.

The fact that Snowden subscribes to the belief systems of Ron Paul is very frightening.  It is sad to know that we have under-educated people in highly sensitive positions who have joined the flocks of people who remind of the good people who are referred to as "Dead Heads" (The Grateful Dead followers).  

We will report much more on this revelation. Our thoughts may require a degree of moderation or, for that matter, modification, but at this point I see no good in Snowden's releases to Greenwald.

Snowden is no "Whistleblower".

NPR Blogs
......whistle-blower, let's turn to the nonprofit Government Accountability Project, which advocates on their behalf. Here's how the organization defines a whistle-blower, using state, federal and international cases: 
Whistle-blowers are recognized and protected under the law, to an extent. PBS's POV documentary series has a timeline, up to 2010, on whistle-blowers, including congressional enactment of the False Claims Act, which offers financial incentives "to uncover fraud harmful to the government."
"An employee who discloses information that s/he reasonably believes is evidence of illegality, gross waste or fraud, mismanagement, abuse of power, general wrongdoing, or a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety. Typically, whistleblowers speak out to parties that can influence and rectify the situation. These parties include the media, organizational managers, hotlines, or Congressional members/staff, to name a few."
We will not hesitate to modify our point of view as information comes forth. Yet, our views on Snowden's support for Ron Paul will remain as steadfast as a stainless steel structure. 

UPDATE: Snowden runs to a hotel in Hong Kong Berates US meat-data gathering and proclaims Hong Kong a place of idyllic freedoms.  Well, my suspicion of his Fox News like "less informed" bore it itself out  Checc this out.

A 2006 New York Times piece.

Hong Kong Surveillance Law Passes

Published: August 6, 2006


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