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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bachmann Unleashes More "Hot Air" About ObamaCare

In late June, the Obama Administration responded to concerns from business about mandatory coverage for employees if the business has 50 or more employees.

The business sector asked for the postponement of the mandate and it was generated for one year.  Ironically, only 4% of businesses have concerns with the mandate because the vast majority of employers provided medical insurance coverage for employees.  Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor-Clinton Administration, posited in early July the delay may have political purpose as we head towards the mid-term elections. Reich also rightfully posited that the longer the delay in full implementation the long the GOP has to "Demonize" the ACA. 

Reich is again 'dead on'.  Michelle Bachmann has again come forth with rhetoric comparable to any she has told over the past few years. 

Huff Post July 12, 2013
“I made Obamacare an issue,” Bachmann said. “That’s why even the president is admitting it’s not working and the chief author is calling it a train wreck.”
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) renewed her criticism of Obamacare during an event in Elk River, Minnesota, saying the Affordable Care Act is preventing job creation.

“The No. 1 reason we are failing to see more jobs being created is because of the president’s health care plan,” Bachmann said, according to MinnPost.

Bachmann later told Minn Post's Cyndy Brucato it's been a highlight of her time in office to criticize President Barack Obama's health care plan.

Earlier this year Bachmann 'went here': "Repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens," Bachmann said.

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Other comments from Bachmann and top GOP Leaders. 

USA Today July 2, 2013  

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the "White House seems to slowly be admitting what Americans already know ... that Obamacare needs to be repealed." 

House Republicans, who have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act 37 times, echoed McConnell.

"The best delay for ObamaCare is a permanent one," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.
Bachmann healthcare claims FactChecked.

While the GOP is known for 'fear mongering' and known for major concern with the president's signature piece of legislation, it amazes the GOPy practices incessant rhetoric without details to backup their rhetoric. 

If the ACA provides any benefit to society, why not attack the "GOP problem" from a perspective of making the ACA better for all parties?  

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