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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sequester: A Sham And The Right Loves It!

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There is no death with dignity in starvation. This graphic makes me heartsick. Is this what Congress was looking for when they said yes to the sequester?

IMHO, the graphic offers more proof that America is compartmentalizing its values due to the shock and awe of the wealth creators having mustered enough political power to opt out of any social contract implied by being an American.

The media would have us argue faux free market v social safety net, a false choice. We, the actual taxpayers, provide tax loopholes, tax subsidies, and tax incentives and receive a slap in the face when it comes to getting anything back. I say, if you want to keep "your" money, go earn it in "your" country, you know, the one that “you” built. I'd like to know exactly where that is, your country of Me-me-me-stan.

‪#‎FreeTheElected‬ from the need to suck-up to big money, and we will have a government we admire rather than resent or fear.


End Coffee Party Movement

We at the TPI are firm in our belief the GOP is as pleased with the sequester as they are with Fox News and with copious legislation regarding women's rights.

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