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Friday, August 23, 2013

Murder in Oklahoma: Politics and Social Strategy Follows

Christopher Lane RIP
Yes,  Pardu is at it again! 

This will take a few minutes. There are issues in our society that are really best left alone, if one is restricted to the current attention span of people who live in today's industrial nation (cell phone, iPad, tablet, Twitter and Facebook) readers. Long reads and views are not popular. Yet, some enjoy the opportunity to read, view and listen more deeply. Thank the heavens for such folks!

The increasing cases of violent crimes involving people of different races is, as expected, drawing attention and media coverage. Of course, Trayvon Martin's murder garnered international coverage. There are major reasons for that level and scope of coverage.  Tim wise in the video below will address that very basic question.

After the first video segment, we are going to reflect on a few heinous murders that drew little to no coverage from right-wing America's Number Two (2) propaganda outlet. Of course, Number One (1) is the ever-present and mindless racist, misogynist, and demagogue Rush Limbaugh. 

Now, a few minutes on two nationally covered hate-crimes that garnered no coverage on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh 'cattle call' show. 

First, the Texas Murder of James Byrd, Jr. with convictions, executions and long-term sentences.  One racist who is currently interned says, he would do it again. 

James Byrd, Jr.
BornMay 2, 1949
Beaumont, Texas, United States
DiedJune 7, 1998 (aged 49)
Jasper, Texas, United States

James Byrd, Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African-American who was murdered by three men, of whom at least two were white supremacists, in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd for three miles behind a pick-up truck along an asphalt road. Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert, severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper.[1] Byrd's lynching-by-dragging gave impetus to passage of a Texas hate crimes law. It later led to the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, commonly known as the Matthew Shepard Act, which passed on October 22, 2009, and which President Barack Obama signed into law on October 28, 2009.[2] 

Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed by lethal injection for this crime by the state of Texas on September 21, 2011.[3] King remains on Texas' death row while appeals are pending,[4][5][6] while Berry was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Matthew Shepard
Matthew Shepard.jpg

Born December 1, 1976 
Casper, Wyoming, US 
Died October 12, 1998 (aged 21)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Cause of death
Torture (officially, homicide)
Judy Shepard, Dennis Shepard 
Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) was an American student at the University of Wyoming who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming in October 1998. He was attacked on the night of October 6–7, and died at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, on October 12 from severe head injuries.
During the trial, it was widely reported that Shepard was targeted because he was gay.[1] Shepard's murder brought national and international attention to hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.[2] In 2009, his mother Judy Shepard authored a book The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed. In October 2009, the United States Congress passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (commonly the "Matthew Shepard Act" for short), and on October 28, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law.[3]
I cannot resist one very historic response to the murder of Matthew Shepard. The CSPAN 51 second segment was recorded during deliberations for the Act mentioned above. 

I will withhold comment and spare the adjectives.  "We know..", "We know..." I did not know what the Congresswoman knew.  Maybe, her information came from the mouth of Michelle Bachmann or a Fox News broadcast. Well, you knew I would not withhold all comment, now didn't you?

The point at hand is the current Fox News 'dog whistle'  regarding the senseless and horrific murder of an innocent college student in Oklahoma.  

Our position on the Oklahoma murder is, the perps are in custody and regardless of age they should be tried as adults and executed for premeditated murder.   The hate mongers, when a white person is killed and a black person is even a witness and lord forbid a perpetrator, are trumpeting like a Pied Piper. And, their minions are blindly following like good "low information" viewers.  

Fox News demagogues are yelping about lack of comment from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They are challenging President Obama for comment.  As soon as he comments, regardless of words, those same propagandist will rail about his comment. Whatever strokes the fancy of the viewer, eh? 

In an effort to be open and fair, early images of the first images of the alleged killers of the Christopher Lane, Australian baseball player/university student did include images of three young African-American males.  One media outlet reported the images were garnered by Australian media. MSNBC just reported the reports of Australian media as the source of the initial image is false. The Australian media outlet denies any involvement.  
I am hearing as I type this The Drudge Report may have been the genesis of what you are about to read and see. And it is obvious whomever generated the initial picture did so with intent.   I suppose they could not fathom, the driver of the vehicle and the oldest offender would be white.  So, it is possible to see how the image developer focused his/her quest.  As we all know by now,  the images are flawed in a great way.  The actual Micheal Jones is a white kid and he was in fact driving the vehicle.  

Early images and a glaring error. We think wishfully.           The actual perpetrators with the 17 year non-black male. 

My search for this piece took me to a place where the impact of Drudge and other false preachers of hates can lead. The following Facebook page is being identity-edited for obvious reason. 

Hey #obama and Jesse Jackson these teens SHOT & KILLED a WHITE man, 22, for fun yesterday in Oklahoma.  BUT the mainstream media won't even mention that they were black or show a photo of the killers. PATHETIC

Photo: Hey #obama and Jesse Jackson these teens SHOT & KILLED a WHITE man, 22, for fun yesterday in Oklahoma. 

BUT the mainstream media won't even mention that they were black or show a photo of the killers. PATHETIC 
The Facebook page also has this image as a post. 

Photo: My Three Sons.

If you think I am a bit over-the-top, check the meme to the right. So much for the "race parade".  

Al Sharpton addresses the propagandist strategy from the Right and Joy Ann Reid delivered an astounding and poignant segment along the very same line.

If you are "high information" and the topic is of significance as an American tragedy (news coverage and false race- baiting), the following segments are worth viewing.   

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