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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

North Carolina Part I: Tea Party America,Voter Suppression And Battles For A Democratic Republic

Voter suppression, yet another strategy from the Koch Brothers and moneyed brokers who run the GOP. I am going to approach my opine on voter suppression from a round-about angle.
The American public sat back in complacency after the election of President Obama and allowed the GOP and conservative America to grab the nation around the throat. Koch Brothers and other right-wing "money-brokers funded phony organizations gave birth to the Tea Party. 

We offer a Wikipedia definitions of the Tea Party. A definition which was very obviously written by a person who is a tea party advocate, sympathizer or even a tea party movement subscriber. The Wiki definition.
The Tea Party movement is an American political movement that advocates reducing the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.[1][2] The movement has been called partly conservative,[3] partly libertarian,[4] and partly populist.[5] It has sponsored protests and supported political candidates since 2009.[6][7][8]
The definition is as idyllic as it gets. Early in the Wiki piece the writer posted a picture of Sarah Palin. The writers interest was obvious in not addressing the basic premise for the movement. Instead, the writer opted for n optic she/he felt was appealing. Also, the writer did so without regard for overall impact of one Sarah Palin beyond the Tea Party and sycophant Palin followers. There was apparently no regard for an impression based in cognitive fortitude nor political substance (Alaska Governor two years, quit to earn millions).

Scrolling through the piece we found the next image was that of Ron Paul. Ron Paul? As I recall Paul, I recall, state rights to racially segregate in public facilities, legalizing heroin, and eliminating FEMA (and other federal agencies). I think of this photo with a former Ku Klux Klan leader and white supremacist, Don Black.

The image has copies that include Black's son Derek. However, as Derek has recently rejected his racist past and disavowed belief systems he was taught, we have chosen an image that excludes Derek Black. Of course, we must not forget the now famous Ron Paul Newsletter. Paul has publicly denied having "written those things." Well, a former administrative staffer indicated, he certainly proofed each published newsletter edition. 

As I was about down reviewing the Wiki piece I ran across one more photo. The writer sought a bit of diversity. Allen, "72 members of Congress are Communist." West is boldly posted in the piece.  The very irrational person who exclaimed as follows while sitting on a Fox News camera with none-other-than Laura Ingraham; "...modern day Harriet Tubman." The member of congress who was forced out of the military to avoid court martial for physical abuse of prisoners in Iraq, yet he deflects publicly

The Wiki piece is a verbal museum dedicated to the Tea Party.  The piece acknowledges financial support from the Koch Brothers and it lists over 210 sources as contributors to the piece. It even lists Tea Party symbols. 

Gadsden flag

Second Revolution flag

Yes, the American public sat back and allowed a literal plutocratic and oligarchic takeover of hall the US Congress. a takeover that has led to congressional ratings almost in the single digits and pure unabashed obstruction of efforts to move the nation away from the Bush era economic collapse. A Congress that has some members proudly proclaiming (AGAIN), "shut-er-down" to avoid funding healthcare reform.

Our taking the 2010 mid-term elections for granted generated a couple of phenomena that will be hard to combat and harder to counteract. We received heavily gerrymandered districts which ensures GOP House wins until 2021; after the next US Census. We also are forced to combat GOP efforts to restrict the voting rights of many demographic groups; group which traditionally support Democratic candidates. The 2012 election cycle yielded telling and stark examples of a political party backed by uber wealthy oligarchs working to deprive the following groups of the right to vote. African-Americans, Latinos, the elderly in many cases), college students, and inadvertently touched into depriving the vote to veterans. Some of the veterans served in World War II and had never experienced American acts of political and social deprivation as some (of us) have grown to expect and combat like nuisance flies at a picnic. 

North Carolina has become the latest battleground for GOP voter suppression. Last week, the state's governor quietly signed the nation's most restrictive voter suppression measure into effect last week. 

We offer a short video from a recent segment of Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word. You will also find a link to the full segment. Frankly, the full segment is both informative and relevant to issues of North Carolina's suppression. 

A quick reminder. The US supreme court handed these vote killing politicians a way forward. Within hour of the recent SCOUTS striking of Section four of the 1965 Voting rights Act, the State of Texas advanced suppression legislation and additional gerrymandering initiatives. 

After opening "machine-gun like talking points from the North Carolina Governor, O'Donnell and his guest accurately delineated GOP voter suppression. 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU
The map below outlines which states passed voter suppression measures since January 1, 2011 and where the right to vote remains under siege today.
  • Voter Suppression Measure Passed
  • Voter Suppression Measure Reversed
  • Voter Suppression Measure Pending
To Be Continued

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