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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ari Fleischer Again Makes As Fool Of Himself!

Will the nation ever rid itself of the "Ghosts of Bush?"
The Bush Administration left an indelible mark on US History. The failed eight years of Bush was replete with horrors only surpassed by Richard Nixon and his question for fixing a presidential election.  Bush's incompetence and elitism even surpassed that of Ronald Reagan in many ways. While Bush avoided Reagan's over-the-top appeal to the US south and his brand of 'coded' anti-minority politics, the administration clearly left the nation in a state of economic horror.  Both of which have lingered well beyond imaginable impact on the nation.

Part of the Bush doctrine was his handling of the media and messages to the American people. Since, another Bush nor Cheney were about the business of interacting with the people, communication was left to Bush's Press Secretaries. The first press secretary for the 'eight years of Bush was Ari Fleischer. Fleischer served during a period when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld clearly laid ground work for their eventual attack on Saddam Hussein.  
Damn, I did it again!
Since, we now know that Bush and team broke standards of decency, broke international law, and contributed to the level of overwhelming nation blanketing debt, we can assume Fleischer was a mouthpiece behind clear strategies of deception.  During his term Fleischer had to know of /Bush;s deep desire to attack Saddam Hussein.  He had to know of the outing of Valerie Plame as Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld develop their impetus for war in Iraq .  Basically, Fleischer had to know of, and help develop every lie that came to the nation from the White Press Room and via Bush's infrequent communication to the American People. 

I offer it is safe to state Fleischer has long been a GOP operative. An operative who has consistently and reliable stepped on his credibility at every time and with each opportunity he faces.  If you can argue that Fleischer does not suffer from "Obama Derangement Syndrome," I welcome your response.

If you need a recent example of "Obama Derangement Syndrome" how about Fleischer latest SNAFU (Situation Normal EFF"D Up). Take a look at a Fleischer response to an Obama Administration Tweet.  Fleischer actual labored to copied and pasted the White House tweet as evidence of his "GOTCHA."

If you think it a minor point, your are one who will accept just about anything from the Right. Fleischer knee-jerk screw-up is simply the latest example of over-active angst, incompetence in posing an argument, poor vision, and maybe even an inability to count beyond the number 50 (with a degree of accuracy).  The Fleischer remark also delivers Fox News and Glenn Beck like rhetoric. When most of us realize that special media has sophisticated software to read and detect violations of their platforms, Fleischer obviously believes Twitter has a "exception" list for Obama.  Maybe, he believes that Twitter has hundreds of thousands of in-house twitter message readers with waiting management teams to  approve "let the president's tweets go".  

How silly, childlike, and trite is Ari Fleischer!  

A really sad point beyond his inability to check and double check before going public, he is highly paid for his punditry. The fact that he failed to check and recheck before going worldwide with evidence on his incompetence was telling. That same level of inability to think and dig deep probably contributed to a Bush Team perception he would facilitate the devious intent for the Bush team (in the early years). 

A word about Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  

EQ so trumps IQ.  All Eq images post here link to their source and associated EQ information. 

Proper practice of EQ would certainly have prevented yet another Fleischer screw-up.  He is so obsessed with fulfilling his role as an anti-Obama pundit his judgment and commonsense coupled with an ability to think and reason is overshadowed by a need to "strike." 

Fleischer has about as much Emotional Quotient (Intelligence) as a wounded rattlesnake. He strikes out at any utterance form Obama.  He strikes out at any information from the White House.  He calls into his employer, CNN, with any nuanced rant he wants to deliver. He has no cognitive "filter "(imaged above) when it comes to President Obama; thus he is 'deranged' and suffers from ODS (Obama derangement Syndrome). 

People who exhibit an EQ deficiency should work to improve their cognitive process as ti relates to behavioral exhibitions.

Fleischer cannot improve his lot. He is far to far gone into the world of ODS. 

Of course, after a few hours Fleischer delivered the ever-present perfunctory apology. There is one very notable benefit from mastering and developing one's EQ: the person only rarely have to apologize for his or her actions.

Mediaite capture......and the result of ODS and lack of EQ.
There are exactly 136 characters in that tweet. Here is what Fleischer tweeted out next:
WELL?! Why isn’t Obama using Twitlonger like the rest of us?
Fleischer got mocked (to put it lightly) for his miscounting, and eventually retracted the tweet.
But it was too late, the damage was done, and Fleischer was barraged by a storm of tweet-mockery.

And retracting it didn’t exactly make anyone ease up.

[photo via screengrab]
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