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Monday, September 2, 2013

Connect The Dots USA: "United We Bargain, Divided We Beg."

 "United we bargain, divided we beg." 


OK, we all know the GOP and many conservatives literally hate collective bargaining (unions).  Is it a leap to realize many industrialist are denizens of Top 20 percent through Top 1 percenters and occupy the upper echelons?  Now, take the deduction to the next level, is it  a leap to think those industrialist would be anti-union? 

As depicted below, we are experiencing with yet another major policy change given to the nation by one Ronald Reagan.  If you want to really see something horrid check out the following include Top 1 percent piece.  I have focused on two graphic representations for a point. First, we have to know income disparity is tied to the nonproliferation of collective bargaining. Name a president who proudly and summarily dealt a blow to collective bargaining via a past air traffic controller's strike.  Yes, you  are correct!


What you have viewed above are matters of GOP Policy. Supply-side economics, "trickle-down", has one significant flaw: it did not trickle. Reagan-nomics was "voodoo economics" and a policy insemination from the GOP.  Yes, we were inseminated (to keep it clean). And, the policy facilitated erosion of the middle class via erosion of collective bargaining. As unions proliferated, many non-union companies developed, maintained, and enforced polices based on competitive union benefits and pay. If collective bargaining is a 'goner', as the GOP wishes, do you think it could be like fishing in an "alcohol lake."  If we continue to see erosion of collective bargaining, Cantor's elimination of over-time pay reaches reality. 

Connect The Dots USA

If you’re a worker bee, unions are your friend. Our only leverage against the rich and powerful is in our collective numbers. United we bargain, divided we beg. 
When the middle class was strongest after World War II, 35% of the workforce was unionized. Unions fought for the 40-hour work week, paid vacations, health benefits, the minimum wage, child labor laws and safe workplaces — things we all take for granted now. Back then, even folks who weren’t in unions respected them because they understood that unions were increasing the standards and norms for ALL workers.
After three decades of Republican union busting and bashing, only 12% of the workforce is unionized (6% in the private sector). You can also see on the green line how the income share (% of all the income generated in the country each year) of the middle class generally has tracked down right along with union participation. Meanwhile, the income share of the Top 1% went from 9% in 1977 to more than 23% in 2007 — about the same share they were taking right before the 1929 Great Depression.
Is it any wonder workers have crappy wages and no power? Claims that unions are the cause of our economic woes just don’t fit with the facts (the graph would be going the other direction).
 "United we bargain, divided we beg." 

Connect's statement above is all to poignant.  We think in the very same terms with the GOP as a collective political entity. We also extrapolate the passage to conservative America. We do so not out of angst, we do so because they flock to voting places and pull levers for candidates like McCain/Palin, Romney/Ryan. Michelle Bachmann, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker (WISC.), Steve King and (shamefully) Gohmert of Texas.  We shouldn't be so specific  we should be more universal on the matter. We do so because the GOP is 100% anti-collective bargaining;  that affects you and me.

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