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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fox and Friends: The Couch "Center" Position.....Gets Deeper Stupid Vs. Plain Stupid



On day two the Fox and Friends COUCH position (Elizabeth Hasselbeck), reinforces the stupidity.  Notice in the following video embed the "Center" Position (Hasselbeck) was summarily cuts-off via Doocy and Kilemade railing on about non-sense.  Kilmeade rallied Fox News low information viewers by attacking Jesse Jackson and Diane Feinstein. The viewers must have their morning "red meat." Kilmeade attacks people who spoke-out about the prospect of gun violence and the availability of firearms. 

Finally, the "Center" position is allowed to make a stumbling rumble, that amounted to nothing.

The couch crew follows with a run-off on video games. Is there no fault in the firearm et al?

"FREQUENCY TESTING!!!!! "Frequency per session  per person." "How often they are playing."  "Maybe the game times out!"
OK, so we know that Hasselbeck was not add to the COUCH to provide cognitive enhancement of the morning dialog. But, we must ask, "WHAT did she say?"
FREQUENTLY TESTING!!!!! "Frequency per session  per person." "How often they are playing."  "Maybe the game times out!"
Let's do that for a minute. Who performs the frequency check?  Did the "Center" position advocate for big government?  What governing body could possibly enter millions upon millions homes to assess the frequency of game play; the IRS, FCC or a new agency (The Department of Video Game Monitoring and Inspection: DVI).  Didn't Fox News join all other networks and over half the of US citizens in extreme aversion to NSA/FBI communication media Meta-Data snooping? 

How long would it take crafty and ingenuous players to out wit the "Game Frequency Inspectors? Could the "Center" position have come-up with a cottage industry career path for Game inspectors. Think about the opportunities for technical schools and niche colleges to graduate Bachelors Degrees through Master Degrees in Video Game Control and Reporting Enforcement Officers. Darrel Issa's radar detector and other ancillary equipment companies could increase his net worth via video enforcement monitoring equipment: enforcement automobile version and personal mobile version. Think of the number of jobs that could come from the "Center" Position's posit.  Issa competitor would surely develop home based detection devices to detect Issa's approaching snooper equipment. 

The "Center" position idea would also provide more opportunity for the US House to avail themselves to lobbyist from the Video Gaming industry.

As I started this piece I was, of course, poking fun at Fox And Friends newest addition: Elizabeth Hasselbeck ("Center" Position).  As I keyboarded along, I will  be damned if she may have hit upon a patent-able idea.   At least for people who do not want to accept that mass killings are ultimately perpetrated with weapons that facilitate mass killing.  The hosts railed about video games.  There is not one video game in the Universe that can kill a person, unless when used as a clubbing device.  I suspect if used in that manner, the number of dead could be restricted to the actual perpetrator vs. thousand who die from firearms each month.

I am thankful to The Raw Story for running the piece. As I consider credibility and cognitive processes, watching Fox and Friends would be tantamount to watching the Gerry Springer Show or the WWE.  

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