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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fox And Friends Revamps The "Center" Position! (VIDEO Exhibitions)

Certain Cable Networks like a professional football team work to field an effective "Center" for execution of its game plan or business model.  

As I watched Elizabeth Hasselbeck accept a position at Fox News, I wondered about her show placement. It took about twenty minutes to figure she was destined for the "COUCH." It took yet another two minutes to come around to the reality that for Fox News Carlson was becoming a bit aged.

Carlson exhibited (word choice very intentional) much on the Fox News "Couch." Her exhibitions have been across the spectrum, and included exhibitions of complete idiotic lunacy which matched the idiocy of Kilmeade and Doocy. Although, I often debate with myself about my perception of cognitive processes of on-air news personalities regardless of network. The central thought is . "Is there one  who can surpass Doocy's idiocy." Needless to say, I fail with each excursion into trying to find a personality that even rivals Doocy.

Carlson's reputation on the "COUCH" fit the Fox News business model like a wet glove.  A few years back we published a few pieces which on the surface appear as libido ticklers, when in fact the pieces speak to Fox News strategy in attracting viewers. One exhibit appears a clear case on intentional raising of the skirt for a thigh shot; you cannot miss it if you watch. You will also notice CNN's efforts to capture viewership with their high/chair or couch format. Re-posted links to make a point: I, II, III.....

We posit Fox News has upgraded to a new and later model for retention of their early morning over 50 male audience. 

Huffington Post.....Hasselback 

One item is for certain, CNN has upped its morning COUCH, didn't you expect Fox to do same? Oh, we almost forgot...MSNBC still has no morning COUCH.  Maybe, the network paces a premium on credible news coverage and political commentary without the need for prurient exhibits.

If you think about what you just watched, you should know that MSNBC, "Does not have a COUCH."

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