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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Judicial Activism And Voting Rights Dismantling

How many times have you heard a Republican or a conservative say the words: "Judicial Activism?"  With even a whisper of talk related to the SCOTUS the phrase comes forth as quickly as like a conservative "USA, USA, USA" chant when people speak other than Conservative "speak." 

If you have not learned the party on the Right is all about words that have no substance, you truly have lived your life in a vacuum.  If the word "sophism" is not part of your  vocabulary  you should grow to know the word. Sophism embodies the very way the GOP goes about its governance. 

The mantra "Judicial Activism" from the right is comparable to more frequently used slogans like: welfare, impeachment, spending, defund, leading from behind, fiscal conservatives, and those never to be forgotten Bush slogans "Moral Majority and Compassionate Conservatives." Now, think for one moment, have you ever known a compassionate conservative?  And, according to social statistics, it appears GOP voting bloc states do not reflect a high degree of morality as it is influenced by GOP policy: STDsviolent crime, teen birth rates I (2), education as  matter of policy, homicide rates, poverty rates, and suicide rates

We really do not need to explore issues of GOP compassion. Let's simply take a look at how state governors have either adopted or turned away Medicaid expansion and State Exchanges as a key components of the Affordable Care Act.  
Our digression related to GOP mantra with subsequent unfulfilled policy, political acts or initiatives.  The use of the phrase "judicial activism" when used by republicans is a form of sophism very much in the same vain as "moral majority" and "compassionate conservatism."

While the court has been well stacked to lean far Right, there was no decision and appointment more judicially strategic than George W. Bush's giving the nation Roberts as Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.  The following meme illustrates the point. When accompanied by a piece from MotherJones, Republican influence on the social fabric of the nation is clear and will last for decades.

DEMOCRACY'S FIREWALL BURNS THROUGH — In 1982, as a young lawyer in the Reagan Administration, John Roberts became the point man for defeating the 1982 renewal of the Voting Rights Act, leading many legal experts, 30 years later, to declare that he should have recused himself from this case when the VRA came before the Supreme Court where Roberts is now the Chief Justice. Not only did Roberts fail to recuse himself, he authored the majority opinion gutting the Voting Rights Act by using failed logic and out of context "facts" to justify his bigoted opinion, now the law of the land. Voting rights violations, according to one memo he helped draft in 1981, "should not be too easy to prove since they provide a basis for the most intrusive interference imaginable." Roberts helped the Reagan administration hone its argument. He wrote that it made sense for parts of the VRA to require proof that discrimination was intentional. And when he became Chief Justice, he took it one step further by gutting the heart of the Voting Rights Act, making it difficult to enforce.

Chief Justice Roberts' Long War Against the Voting Rights Act

Fact Monster Dot Com

Service           Birth
Name, stateAssoc. JusticeChief JusticeYrsPlaceDateDiedReligion
Antonin Scalia, DC 1986–N.J.1936Roman Catholic
Anthony M. Kennedy, Calif.1988–Calif.1936Roman Catholic
Clarence Thomas, DC1991–Ga.1948Roman Catholic
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, DC1993–N.Y.1933Jewish
Stephen G. Breyer, Mass.1994–Calif.1938Jewish
John G. Roberts, DC2005–N.Y.1955Roman Catholic
Samuel A. Alito, Jr., N.J.2006–N.J.1950Roman Catholic
Sonia Sotomayor N.Y.2009–N.Y.1954Roman Catholic
Elena Kagan N.Y.2010–N.Y.1960Jewish

Conservative activist are highlighted in red. Another disturbing fact about the Court: No Protestants (if religion means anything to you).

As the meme and associated article present, Roberts was bound to strike Voting Rights Act provisions as surely as he is hardcore conservative by paradigm. From Ronald Reagan's Scalia through George W. Bush's two appointments (Roberts and Alito), the SCOTUS is dangerously conservative. Evidence of danger beyond killing key sections of the Voting rights Act: Citizens United and the ruling Walmart discrimination case ruling.

American Exceptionalism?

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