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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Police Brutality.....Neverending! (Video)


I know that we need police officers on our streets. We live in a nation that requires law enforcement officials more than any nation on Earth.  If for no other reason, they are necessary due to the extreme number of firearms and a moderate poverty level (Intentionally).  I am not here now to rant about firearms. Before the reading goes there, how about the thought that an extreme numbers of firearms factually supports more armed robbery, and bank robberies; and yes the number of murders. We should also not lose the thought, poverty breeds mindsets that lead to theft, and other related crimes.

Police officers are a must in our society. I should take it a step farther and say, "armed police officers," are a must in our society.

Question. Why are we seeing more and more cases of police abuse?

We published a piece yesterday related to the 10 shot killing of a man in North Carolina. The victim of heavy-handed police officers (three officers, one shooter and one taser cop) who responded to a 911 call from a woman who felt that car accident victim was "Breaking into her home."  The victim was seeking help after a devastating one car accident. Regardless of remorse, and manslaughter charges the fact remains we have police officers who are by nature abusive. They are allowed to carry at least seven items of personal destruction with the ultimate being a semi-automatic firearm (and more firearms in the cop car). Moreover, they are often not the most educated segment of the population thus many have diminished opportunity to wash away biases implanted by family, friends, schools and social environment. If the officer has biases or has taken his/her authority to the level of mania the psychological deficiency carries through the police academy to the streets.

We could post statistics about police abuse in the African-American and Latino community. We will defer to your knowledge that such abuse takes place and not post the data. The abuse often ends in death via the officer or officers. 

Maybe if we see, hear or read about more of what is to follow, police abuse might become an issue that needs to be addressed. You will notice the indictment involves a white middle class family, and it appears to have taken place in their neighborhood of residence.  

The incident is being widely broadcast, but I found the link one of all place a webpage that appears as developed by a 'white nationalist.' I attempted to select my words very carefully there, this time.

The adult male on the concrete seems to be handcuffed. Why does the cop have a pistol pointed point-blank at this head or upper torso?

You might think, why are the people on the concrete arguing with the cop?  Well, it is possible they are as shocked as most about the incident and how it dissolved to their temporary concrete hammocks.  It is also possible these people (NOW) know the plight and horror of some in inner city communities. Let's take this a step farther, do you think African-American males of Latino males would get the same level of argument from a cop with pistol pointed at his or her face?

I have decided not to publish a link to the webpage on which I found the Ohio abuse case. I do not intend to support the page with pageviews, as the page has a strong white nationalist lean.

For those who do not care.... (Viewer discretion strongly advised)

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