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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ted Cruz.....A GOP Monster On The Loose!

Losers all!
Chris Wallace assembled a standard Fox News panel for discussion of current issues  in the news.  As Wallace stated, "this have been one of the weirdest weeks....".  In addition to Dennis Kucinich, Karl Rove joined the panel and other guest who will show in the embedded video (below). Wallace also has a guest who after nine (9) months in the US Senate has set a wildfire in the GOP.  

Ted Cruz has been in the US Senate just shy of nine (9) months.  He hasn't even occupied his office long enough to pass flatulence at the Intensity scale of six (6) Intolerable and recognize how long it takes to enacting Glade (brand) air freshener spray before his assistant (just outside his office) perceives the odor. Yet, he has set the party on the Right on its heels. Basically, he is the evolution of the political monster in the GOP inseminated as far back as Richard Nixon.

Ultimately, Cruz manifest via the deteriorated mindset of GOP constituents. He will spend a minimum of six (6) years in the US Senate, and he will remind GOP leaders and seniors of the monster created via feeding their constituents rotten "red meat."

Wolf Blitzer's interview Sean Duffy (R) WI and Pete King (R) NY about comments from Ted Cruz,   Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, regarding shutting down the US Government over Obamacare. 
Actually, I basically agree with Sean [House Rep. Sean Duffy (R) WI]. You know, we're on the same page. Neither of us -- neither one of us wants the government to close. We're going to do all we can to keep it open. And I would just say, if anything good comes from all of this, when Ted Cruz and Rand Paul or Mike Lee fail in the Senate next week, maybe finally we Republicans will have ended their influence. 
We as House Republicans should stop letting Ted Cruz set our agenda for us. He should stay in the Senate, he should be keep quiet. They can deliver on this, fine. If he can't, then he should keep quiet from now on and we shouldn't listen to him.
"A fraud..."
Sunday September 22, 2013 Cruz and the Mike Wallace panel.

Video: (11:43 seconds of unfortunate drivel from Cruz.) 

He mentions the fallacy of survey as they can be flawed based on the way questions are phased. Yes, and that is why he is way off on "...the American people do not like Obamacare." The word "Obamacare" when left out of the survey question generally yields much more positive results. He speaks about 'career politicians." I reflect back on my second paragraph above. Cruz is zany enough to feel his Tea Party backed election win in 2012, qualifies his opine about career politicians. He forgets the defeat of Allen West of Florida and Joe Walsh of Illinois (Both House members a mere two years in the US House). Cruz speaks about a lack of union support for the ACA. He of course, will not stratify his remarks to denote union opposition to elimination of what is referred to as "Cadillac medical coverage." Watch and skip through the segment; I did!

More after jump break below

I have been asked by some readers to provide transcripts where possible to facilitate the hearing impaired. The posted transcript (posted below) is in compliance with the request. We will gladly comply when possible and practical.

Mediaite on GOP opposition to Cruz

Right-wing media and surrogates 'went ape" as Karl Rove became the focal point of the opposition research sent to Fox News's Wallace. Crooks and Liars, linked.  Did you check out the Tweets? 

We remind, Cruz is the metastasized cancer endemic to the far-right in the GOP.  We posit Cruz has moved even right of the tea party and is trodding long a path to Paleo-Conservative (paleocon) Libertarianism.  Paleocon reads like an inbred form of 'false liberalism' and anti-government conservatism.  If  you have interest in learning more about Paleo-conservative Libertarianism, we offer a link. Basically, we see states-rightist with an affinity for re-energized racial segregation; Ted Cruz's Jesse Helms speech of early September.
Wallace/Cruz interview transcript
Fox News Wallace Interview with Cruz
Senator, welcome back to "Fox News Sunday." 
CRUZ: Thank you, Chris. It's great to be with you this morning. 
WALLACE: You say and we just played a clip of it. We'll do whatever you can, including a talking filibuster, to block consideration of the bill that the House just passed. The problem is that you would be blocking a bill which you actually support, which would fund the government but defund ObamaCare. So, how are you going to get other Republican senators on board to block a bill that you support? 
CRUZ: Well, let's be clear. Last week's vote was a tremendous victory. Just a few weeks ago, no pundit in Washington thought it was possible we would see the vote we saw on Friday. Last week, the House of Representatives voted to defund ObamaCare, and now, next week, as you know, the fight moves to the Senate. 
And I think next week is a time for party unity. I think next week, all Senate Republicans, I hope, should come together and support the House bill. 
In my view, Senate Republicans should stand united to stop Harry Reid from changing the House bill and, in particular, from inserting the funding from ObamaCare with 51 votes. That's going to be the fight procedurally whether he's able to use a straight party line vote, just Democrats, to put ObamaCare back. 
And you know what? If Senate Republicans stand together, we can stop Harry Reid from doing it. 
WALLACE: Well, I'm confused. Are you going to block consideration of the bill? Basically, the first issue is, are you going to allow consideration of the bill? And you can filibuster that after -- if you lose that, then a simple majority could take out ObamaCare. So, are you going to allow consideration of the bill, have an up-or-down vote on defunding ObamaCare, or are you going to block them from even taking a bill which you support? 
CRUZ: Well, the first order of business is going to be to ask Harry Reid if he will agree to allow amendments to be subject to a 60- vote threshold. And that's typical in the Senate. We have a lot of amendments that are subject to 60-vote threshold. 

Now, in all likelihood, he's going to say no because he wants to use brute political power to force ObamaCare funding through with just Democrats, exactly the same he passed the bill three years ago. 
Now, if he does that even, then Senate Republicans have the tool that we always used when the majority leader is abusing his power, which is we can die cloture. We can filibuster and say we will not allow you to add the funding back for ObamaCare with just 51 votes and it takes -- 
WALLACE: Sir, if I may, you say this is brute political power. Other times, you said it's a procedural gimmick. It's Senate Rule 22, which has been around for years. It's part of the Senate rules and it says after you end -- you allow debate, after you take cloture, that you can pass an amendment by a simple majority. That's the rule. 
CRUZ: Chris, what's good for the goose, it's good for the gander. You're right, that is one rule. But there is another rule that says it takes 60 votes to get cloture. And that's the reason the Senate, generally, on controversial votes, we work out an agreement for it to be subject to a 60 vote threshold because the majority -- if the majority is going to run the minority over with a train, the minority has the ability to stop them. 
And so, if Harry Reid says, you know what, I'm going to run the Republicans over. I'm going to ignore the bill passed by the House of Representatives, I'm going to ignore the will of the people and I'm going to do this on a 51-vote threshold -- then, from my mind, it should be easy decision for Senate Republicans to stand united and to support House Republicans. 
And I'll tell you, any vote for cloture, any vote to allow Harry Reid to add funding for ObamaCare with just a 51-vote threshold, a vote for cloture is a vote for ObamaCare. And I think Senate Republicans are going to stand side by side with Speaker Boehner and House Republicans listening to the people and stopping this train wreck that is ObamaCare. 
WALLACE: OK. A couple of quick questions. First of all, you need 41 votes. You're one vote. You need 40 other Republican senators to go with you to block consideration of the House bill in the Senate. How many do you have right now, Senator? 
CRUZ: Well, we don't know right now and this week, we'll determine that. Look, this has been a fast moving target. You know, just a few weeks ago, we didn't have any of the votes we needed in the House or in the Senate. 
In my view all along was this going to be a long journey. This was going to be multiple stages. Stage was one unify the American people. And we've seen nearly 1.6 million Americans signed a national petition at and called their representatives saying stop ObamaCare. 
Stage two was what happened on Friday. The House voting to defund ObamaCare. 

Stage three is next week, where Senate Republicans, it's now our turn to unify, to stand together with House Republicans. 
And then, the next step -- look, this may end up going back to the House. And I hope and fully believe the House will continue the fight. And if we take this to the American people, I believe the next step after that is starting to get red state Democrats. 

If you're a Mark Pryor, if you're a Mary Landrieu, running for reelection in Arkansas and Louisiana, and you start to get 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 calls from your constituents, suddenly, it changes the calculus entirely. 
But, Chris, that won't happen until we unify Republicans. 
WALLACE: All right. But, Senator, here is the question everyone on both sides is asking in Washington, which is -- what's your end game? Let's say that you block consideration of any bill in the Senate. Or let's say that you lose, and the bill goes into the Senate and they take out ObamaCare and they send it back to the House -- what's your end game? Because the government is going to shut down a week from Monday. 
CRUZ: Well, I don't want the government to shut down, the American people don't want the government to shut, and I don't think Harry Reid and President Obama should shut down the government. 
Listen, if that happens -- if Harry Reid kills this bill in it the Senate, I think the House should hold its ground, and should begin passing smaller resolutions one department at a time. It should start, continuing resolution focused on the military -- fund the military, send it over, and let's see it Harry Reid is willing to shut down the military because he wants to force ObamaCare on the American people. I think that would be a very perilous decision for Harry Reid to make and if the House can keep driving this -- look, the House is the only body where the Republicans have a majority and so the House has to lead on this. 
And I view my job and Mike Lee's job is providing as much support, as much air cover as we can for the House to stand up and lead. And I commend them for having than that last week. 
WALLACE: Senator, I think -- excuse me, I think it's fair to say that you ticked off a lot of your fellow Republicans who feel you got them into this fight without an end game, without a strategy. I want to put some of their criticisms. They have gone on the record. 
On the screen -- Congressman Tim Griffin of Arkansas wrote, "So far, Senate Republicans are good at getting Facebook likes and town halls, not much else. Do something." 
Republican Congressman Pete King of New York calls you a fraud. "If he can deliver on this, fine. If he can't, he should keep quiet from now on and we shouldn't listen to them." 
And Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said this, "I didn't go to Harvard or Princeton," which you did, "But I can count." 
Republicans, especially in the House, say that you are pushing them into a fight that you don't know how to finish. Senator? 
CRUZ: Well, look -- there is lots of folks in Washington that can choose to throw rocks, and I'm not going to reciprocate. I'm going to do likewise. 
Listen, let me tell you about a broader problem. A broader problem is, we have got career politicians in both parties in Washington who aren't listening to the American people. I spent the entire month of August traveling Texas, traveling the country, speaking to the people. 
And American people are hurting because ObamaCare isn't working. It's killing jobs, it's driving up their health insurance rates, it's causing them to be pushed in to part-time work. It's causing them to lose their insurance. 
And I'll tell you why an awful lot of people in Washington are unhappy -- because they are hearing from their constituents in overwhelming numbers, that their constituents are saying, stand up and fight. Stand up the principle. Don't have an exception for Congress and big corporations that d esn't apply to the American --
WALLACE: Senator, I want to pick up on that. 
Democrats feel that you have given them the political high ground in all this. I want to play what President Obama said yesterday, last night, from the Congressional Black Caucus. 
BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You'd be willing to shut down the government and potentially default for the first time in United States history because it bothers you so much that we're actually going to make sure that everybody has affordable health care. 
WALLACE: Senator, you're completely right. People don't like ObamaCare. On the other hand, by an even wider margin, people don't want to shut down the government to have this fight. In fact, there's a new Republican poll out late last week, a Republican poll, Winston Group, 71-23, don't shut down the government over this. 
CRUZ: Well, it depends how the poll is phrase, and there are a lot of polls out there, Rasmussen, just last week, said a majority of Republicans now want ObamaCare defunded. 
You know what's interesting? Last week, The Wall Street Journal, for the first time in years, found Republican are leading on health care -- Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats on health care. 
And, Chris, let me suggest -- the whole reason why is because we've been standing up, leading the fight to defund ObamaCare. Voters have learned enough talk from Washington, stand up and do it. 
And, listen, all you have to do is get out of Washington, D.C., and go listen to the American people. You talk to small businesses. They're laying people off. You talk to people that are struggling for jobs and finding their hours, forcibly reduced to 29 hours a week. 
And, by the way, the people who are hurting, I hear from constituents every single day. Women with pre-existing conditions who are losing their health care because of ObamaCare. Their employers are dropping their health insurance coverage.   
WALLACE: Senator, I hate to interrupt. We're almost out of time. I just want to ask you one direct question. You have a lot of valid criticisms of ObamaCare. We're going to ask Senator McCaskill in the next segment about those. 
But if it comes down, if the Senate ping-pongs this back to the House, and it's a question keep going on the fight about ObamaCare or shut down the government, what's -- what's your position? Keep the government going or keep fighting about ObamaCare? 
That's why the unions want out. That's why Harry Reid and Senator McCaskill and Senate Democrats want out, because it's not working.
WALLACE: Senator, we're going to talk about all of that with Senator McCaskill of the next segment. I want to thank you so much for joining us today and we'll stay on top of the battle of the budget. It should be interesting. 
CRUZ: Thank you, Chris. 
WALLACE: Up next, Syria submits an initial inventory of its chemical weapons stockpile. We'll discuss with a former weapons inspector. 
And then, Senator Claire McCaskill on Syria and the government shutdown, and the massacre at the Washington Navy Yard. 
Stay tuned. 
Wallace said, “This has been one of the strangest weeks I’ve ever had in Washington. And I sat that, because as soon as we listed Ted Cruz as our featured guest this week, I got unsolicited research and questions, not from Democrats, but from top Republicans who — to hammer Cruz. Why are Republicans so angry at Ted Cruz?”
After watching Cruz, Gohmert, Governor Perry and Farenthold of Texas, I have to wonder about many districts in the state.

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