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Monday, September 23, 2013

The House of OZ

The House of OZ

Four hundred and thirty-five (435) misguided people influenced by the 2010 infestation of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party House moves farther down the path to OZ!

The Road to OZ is not a road paved with Yellow (Gold) Bricks. 

The Land of OZ (The OZ skyline, and a place of conservative happiness and glee...Ah such a beautiful place. 

Few minorities, no LGBTs; 

Just enough poor people for servant jobs; 

Predator Drones have replaced chirping birds; 

Thoughts of climate change are illegal, collective bargaining is non-existent; 

Private schools proliferate, public schools are no longer funded; 

Women do not dare think of an Equal Rights Amendment; 

Minorities based solely on skin color have voter ID cards, whites do not have voter ID cards; 

Women votes are counted one actual vote for every three women votes (the 1/3rd Rule) and women are only allowed to vote in mid-term elections; 

Fair Pay for women is outlawed with violators forced to appear on the Limbaugh Show to plead for mercy;

Overtime Pay was stopped many years ago and employers are free to force 12 hour plus work days;

The national minimum wage is no longer a federal requirement; 
Medicare and Medicaid are extinct entitlement programs; 

Food Stamps is a by-gone thing of the past, Images of starving Americans are prohibited; 

Corporate CEO is worshiped on Sundays, the President of the United States is subordinate to the nation's CEOs; 

The Koch brothers and their heirs have final say on General Election outcomes; 

Pat Buchanan is the Minister of Information and Cultural Preservation;

Sarah Palin is the Minister of Education Programs, Communications Curricula and Historical Studies;

Education programs include mandatory attendance in "why the nations new minority (whites) are granted  "Super Privilege" status; 

Entitlement Programs have been banned with the elderly as the wards of the core family; 

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a national monument denoted by Canada (It no longer pumps filthy oil derivatives but cost too much to dismantle); 

National media is a monolithic FOX NEWS; Fox News has officially been anointed FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network)  and the GOP Land of Oz is a place where cognitive abilities are only exercised in gaining and preserving personal wealth...AHH such a wonderful place.

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