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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UPDATES... (Video) Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Dr. Orlowski's On-air Appeal Dropped By CNN and FOX News!


The embedded MSNBC News segment is powerful beyond the message delivered by the emergency care department head. Dr. Janis Orlowski for the first time on international television spoke about the need for less gun violence and she spoke for a perspective of a societal responsibility. Such words, as I know it, have never been spoken so boldly by any of Chief attending physicians. Some have come close, but I do not recall such an impassioned appeal. 

Two critical points on the uniqueness of the doctor's statement. First, the chief attending physician is a woman. The fact the physician is a woman, of course, is not as significant as the fact she is the first to speak so directly and boldly about a reoccurring national tragedy. Where are like comments from the men chief physicians as shooting victims are admitted to surgery at their hospitals.

The second and most disconcerting fact of Dr. Orlowski's are stated after the video segment.


At the 36 second mark Dr. Orlowski's demeanor clearly changed and her words became very much deliberate and focused on delivering a poignant message. Her imagery was impeccable and her appeal was heart felt.

Now, for the very revealing second point of this screed.

Both CNN and Fox News cut away from Dr. Orlowski as she reached the 40 to 45 second mark of her comment.  Once she spoke of an "....evil in society," the ratings hungry and politically influenced conservative networks quickly moved away.

The networks mind-altering and political reality places each in the position of "media propagandist" and "media avoider" of an issue important to the nation.  People can say what they wish about mental instability, these killers would be hard pressed to commit their level of killing with weapons of less power and fewer opportunities to fire lethal bullets.  Both CNN producers and Fox News producers exercised clear avoidance of an appeal that will be cataloged (in history) along with the mounting deaths from firearms. In fairness to CNN, I offer the following:

Piers Morgan's adamant aversion to US firearm deaths and his dogged campaign against US gun violence led to another  CNN visit for Dr. Orlowski.


During this (linked) CNN segment Morgan's appeal was a bit tarnished as he stated ad pursued his argument with information from earlier in the day. He mentioned the killer had purchased the AR-15 rifle in Virginia and he did so legally. Alexis purchased a legal shotgun in Virginia. I feel his plan was then executed. He shot a security guard with loaded AR-15 (first kill) and took his loaded "mass killing' weapon. He later killed another armed guard and took his loaded semi-automatic pistol. Alexis covered his inability to purchase weapons for mass killing and covered the shortcoming with absconded weapons. Morgan's zeal is to be admired and the idiotic money-grabber arguments of this guest are despicable and as shallow as the water-level in a toilet bowl.

Did someone say, "The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a god guy with a gun?" CNN and Fox News are examples of the sadness of 27/7 news turned political entities and ratings hungry media organizations.

UPDATES:  The New York Times is reporting the Navy Yard shooter attempted to purchase an AR-15 rifle last week. State law stifled his ability to purchase that weapon; he settled for a police action pump shotgun. As The shooter killed or wounded law enforcement officers he absconded their weapons (two hand guns).  Our early information about the shooters absconding an AR-15 was not accurate. Two perspectives on the Shooter: Aaron Alexis.

Chris Hayes All In

Linked full segment. Our interest is the first 2:45 Minutes of the segment. 

Rachel Maddow explores the flawed security system that has given us Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis.

Linked full segment

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