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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anderson Cooper's Non-smackdown and Deflection On Fox And MSNBC

The following interview interchange is being banter around as Anderson Copper handing a Congressional representative his lunch. When stoked with an accusation of affinity for a democratic position, Cooper did respond with his own slap at Fox News. He also (after few seconds) took a slap at MSNBC. His slap at MSNBC almost seemed a balancing after thought subsequent to his slap at Fox News.

While, I at times love the media positioning battles of CNN, MSNBC, and the entertainment channel Fox News Network, my thoughts on this interview is quite opposite the common perception of a slap down.  While the Republican member of Congress spoke "typical republican speak" about a silly "negotiate" position, he was not drubbed across the screen by Cooper. Give it a look.

Labrador said that $988 billion is not actually an accurate number, that this was the sequester level of 2013, whereas his caucus is now discussing funding for 2014. 
“Did Harry Reid lie?” asked Cooper. 
Labrador ignored the question at first, then said that he wasn’t present at the negotiations between Reid and Boehner, which he said may or may not have happened. 
Cooper argued that Obamacare has been passed, it’s the law of the land, ratified by Congress and the Supreme Court and two presidential elections. Labrador countered that he and other tea partiers were not yet elected when the law was passed. 
“So you’re nullifying two presidential elections and you’re nullifying the vote of Congress because you don’t like it,” Cooper said, “and I get that and your district is placed well.” 
“Your argument is that the House of Representatives doesn’t matter,” said Labrador. He accused Cooper of siding with the Democrats, saying that “just because you don’t like that the House of Representatives is Republican,” you can’t tell us when to vote on continuing resolutions. 
“Look, I don’t have a stake in this,” Cooper said. “This is the way it works in journalism. When you’re not on Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you’re not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews.”

Are we so wound-up about gotcha you can find a smackdown in the segment?  Does the mere mention of Fox News and MSNBC's media slants constitute a smackdown?  Hardly! The GOP congressman speak for his programmed paradigm, seeming straight for Koch Brothers Kansas. He did not cowl-under as if smacked-down.

As to Cooper and CNN, since Copper found impetus to use MSNBC and Fox to make a point.  First, off a basic comparison of the two committing networks is fair. Fox News has a conservative model and MSNBC has a liberal model. There-in lies the extent of the comparisons.  It is clear which network serves more as a propaganda media outlet vs. an authentic news network: Fox News.   

Since late last year CNN has embarked on a host and regular guest house cleaning that has also been accompanied by an obvious move away from neutral reporting. One has to only watch the network for a few hours and count the number of conservative politicians and paid conservative pundits to recognize CNN's News Model.  The network is on a mission to take market share from Fox News as the cable news ratings leader. CNN also appears to want to do so without the obvious efforts to appeal to low information voters.  Fox News exists on LIVs (low information voters), ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) news segments and literal angst Barack Obama is in the Oval Office.  The network's appeal to LIVs will always lead to first place in cable news.

Copper's effort to expunge CNN of political leans fails. CNN has become FOX News Part Deux with a decided and obvious move towards conservatism.   While Cooper did not go here, there is another major difference in the three networks.  

We at the TPI have long posited about Fox's penchant for cheap (thrill) leg and thigh shots (strategic disclosure) of their many on-air personalities.  We published years ago about one such "couch" guest/host who literally raised her already lifted thigh shot for a deeper peep. Watch the host/guest in blue. 

That was but one example. If you desire more search this site for "UPskirts" or search for the Name Kilmeade and find a segment that confirms Fox's use of strategic disclosure.

CNN will not be outdone. The new "News Day show" Is well equipped for battle. While I am really not a prude, I do find the legginess (intentional camera shots to leverage the view) of both Fox and CNN a bit cheap and manipulative. If one considers demographics of early morning news viewing, one could find exactly why the networks deploy "strategic disclosure." 

I invite you to watch a segment from this morning's News Day Show. The on-air version of "strategic disclosure" includes strategic camera positioning with as many as 16 quick shot views during six minute interview. 

If you compare what you have just watched with the table just below, you will find men comprise the major viewer audience during the "strategic disclosure" shows. Early mornings and early afternoons seem to find more strategic disclosure target opportunities.  

(Larger version: Right click table and click again)
MPO Research this past January published a piece indicating the majority of people get their news digitally vs. newspapers. If two cable networks battle with which can be most conservative which can expose the most skin and which can tell the most lies, the American public will over time convert to LIVs.  A nation of predominately LIVs is a Koch brothers dream.

We are fortunate MSNBC does not deploy the couch "strategic disclosure."  Well, I should say for those who truly value news and current events analyses over the more prurient pursuits on a television screen.

Ultimately, Cooper's deflection off of Fox and MSNBC is a false balancing when one considers actual news coverage (false reports) and cheap ratings tricks. 

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