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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fox News Caught Misleading Viewers AGAIN! Why Does This Happen Most With Hannity?

I happened to turn on the Hannity show on Fox News last Friday evening. “Average Americans are feeling the pain of Obamacare and the healthcare overhaul train wreck,” Hannity announced, “and six of them are here tonight to tell us their stories.”  Three married couples were neatly arranged in his studio, the wives seated and the men standing behind them, like game show contestants. Salon's Eric Stern.

Hannity again pulls a complete lie! 
FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) 
Fox News as a propaganda network is nothing new.  Fox News on the Right is at times compared to MSNBC on the Left. The comparison is false equivalence without equal.  Yes both network has its audience of liberals and conservatives in face off camps.  But, Fox, never to be outdone, also appeals to a populace that relishes red meat such they accept any lie broadcast on the network. The latest episode of "derangement feed" comes in the form of a group of business people (small business) who claimed (alleged) to have changed their business model to avoid the "grip" of the dreaded Obamacare.

We are unable to provide a direct link to the segment. MSNBC has changed its video-posting formats and so far direct links seem non-existent. I am also unable to reduce the length of the video as the ability to produce sub-clips appear to be a thing of the past.  

Salon Dot Com broke the story on Fox New lies regarding the people depicted in the segment. We are unable to provide any information from Salon beyond this link.  The piece is as revealing a piece on Roger Ailes's Fox News as I have ever read. 

The Hannity episode places Fox in another universe well beyond false editing of tape with Los Angeles palms tress in a Washington DC segment. The piece appears as staged as a fake game show. It wouldn't have taken much effort by Fox researchers to determine suspect aspects of their guests as credible witnesses against the ACA. Of course, I took the liberty of assuming Fox News has research teams; little evidence exist of such teams.

Once the network turns its air-time over to evening propagandist, what comes across in the various shows as unbelievable (to high information viewers/people). The Obamacare piece embedded above should draw the attention of the FCC.

Is there any wonder so many people voted for the very flawed Romney/Ryan ticket? Forty-Seven percent of 2012 voters voted for Romney/Ryan. Those voters fit the following syllogism like a wet leather glove.

Major premise: Fox News delivers false reporting
Minor premise: Most people get their news from television; Fox is the has the largest  cable news audience
Conclusion:  Most cable news viewers are misinformed by the most watched cable new network 

Former insurance industry executive, Wendell Potter, commented on Politics Nation on GOP misinformation in the form of scare tactics on Obamacare. 

Biased reporting is one thing and a sad reality of television cable news. Outright and consistent manipulation of a viewing audience sheds light on the perpetrating network as that of a propagandist. 

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