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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Partnering With Connect The Dots USA

The TPI believes in a high level of information. Connect The Dots USA provides that high level information regarding the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCares). 

Share with friends, family, neighbors, and at the grocery store. If we sit back an allow the Right to run roughshod over an opportunity to have any form of national healthcare, we are literally giving them another 2010 midterm victory.  We would also be guilty of not helping people who need some form of healthcare.

While parts of the government may be shut down, the ACA Marketplaces are open for business. And that’s the irony of the GOP extortion game — the ObamaCare tax credits and Medicaid expansion are part of Mandatory spending like Social Security, Medicare and existing Medicaid. Shutting down the Discretionary parts of the government just hurts other people, but it does not stop ObamaCare.

Judging by the nearly 3 million who logged on to the 34 federally run exchanges, there seems to be great demand for affordable health insurance. Imagine that! There’s still lots of time to sign up as the technical glitches get fixed and web traffic capacity added.

Remember, open enrollment is Oct. 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. Coverage can start as soon as Jan. 1, 2014 if you enroll and pay by Dec. 15, 2013.

or call the 24/7 help line 1-800-318-2596

For the Medicaid expansion in Arizona, you can go directly to Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS):
or call 1-800-654-8713 (outside Maricopa County)
You can also apply for AHCCCS at any DES office.

For my fellow grassroots activists who want to go beyond social media to educate the public, you can find the materials I use here:

Pages 1&2: ACA Basics / Tax Credits flyer (print in b&w to save $)

Pages 3&4: Metal Levels / Contact Info half-sheet flyers

4 signs in letter size and also 11x17 spliced together for 21x17 size
(ObamaCare and Affordable Care Act versions - 2 each):

Pages 7 thru 9: ObamaCare: What’s In It For You? Get The Facts Here

Pages 10 thru 12: Are You Eligible For ObamaCare Tax Credits? Enrollment Opens Oct. 1

Pages 13 thru 15: Affordable Care Act: What’s In It For You? Get The Facts Here

Pages 16 thru 18: Are You Eligible For Affordable Care Tax Credits? Enrollment Opens Oct. 1

Laser print in black on bright yellow paper. For larger version, splice two 11x17 halves together to make a 21" wide x 17" high sign; glue a large paint stick handle to a piece of 21"w X 17"h cardboard; and finally staple the yellow signs to each side of the cardboard. Makes an eye-catching, inexpensive, lightweight sign.

Have fun!

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