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Friday, October 11, 2013

Snowden Was Dismssed By The CIA For Attempting To Steal Secrets!

Russian spy
Yesterday we published a piece about the ACA open enrollment software and server glitches. We mentioned Edward Snowden in the piece. Our reference to Edward Snowden, contractor INTEL spy, was mentioned as another example of a problem now plaguing ACA enrollment: the use of contractors to accomplish critical government missions.

As I was keyboarding the piece, I was unaware Snowden's former supervisor had gone on record with revelation about past CIA concerns about the US spy.

It seems the business of "outsourcing" born of US Industry and P&L (profit and loss) greed, has worked its way into the most secretive fissures of our national security. The ever-present contractor has become a necessary form of work arrangement, but the contractor is also a worker who has fewer controls over her/his actions on the jobs. They are often people who cannot manage to hold full-time jobs for various reasons (when full-time jobs are available).  Some have shady backgrounds that go undiscovered by background checks. Many software engineers come to the states via work visas that facilitate contractor work arrangements. Other contractors simply want the flexibility of working as a kind of entrepreneur for higher pay that often excludes benefit coverage. None of the aforementioned includes a natural human social phenomenon of developing loyalty and commitment to an organization or mission.  Since, the use of contractors is based in strategy and policy that in some ways relate to cost savings, maybe we should not be surprised contractor companies will spend little to nothing on quality background checks.

I am reticent to use the words background investigations (as I was once subject  for TOP-Secret Clearances).  Now-a-days, background investigation seems non-existent, or accomplished in a surface manner that uncovers little about the subject contractor.

While there are many articles on the topic across the Web, I am posting a brief 'deck' and link to a piece from the International Business Times. (Warning: The linked article is accompanied by an annoying auto run video commercial)

The International Business Times
Edward Snowden Scandal: CIA Sent Him Home But NSA Hired Him Later
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had tried to break into classified computers when he worked for the CIA in Geneva, and his supervisors at the agency sent him home for this, a new report shows. 
Snowden's CIA supervisor had observed "a distinct change in the young man's behaviour and work habits" and had written a note in his personnel file in 2009, but the warnings were never communicated to the NSA, which hired him subsequently, the New York Times said in a report. 
The report says Snowden would never have got the opportunity to disclose hundreds of thousands of top-secret files had the CIA's suspicions been followed up - a startling revelation that flies in the face of an agency reputed for intrusive information gathering on everyone who matters. 
"The CIA suspected that Mr Snowden was trying to break into classified computer files to which he was not authorized to have access, and decided to send him home ...," the report said. 
The vital information about the would-be leaker "slipped through the cracks," NYT quoted a veteran law enforcement official as saying. The supervisor's warnings were probably not forwarded to the NSA or its contractors. 
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Let's set aside Obama Administration noble, but underestimation of enrollment interest in the ACA. That problem can and will be fixed as it is rooted in what will become a national policy that benefits many millions across the nation. (Note: For those who may have read previous our comments about flawed enrollment as fodder against the ACA, think again; you are being Fox News like. The problem with servers and software will be fixed.  Also, note the problems manifest in systems not supported by state run exchanges. This, our federal government may have attempted to save money. If that is the case, another austerity flaw.  I offer a more relevant point sinceI truly suspect a spike in site visits (over the past 24 hours) relates to uncomplimentary comments about ACA enrollment and the Obama Administration.  People who are upset with delays in enrollment should blame the governors of their states; states in which leadership refused to open ACA exchanges.  An even more salient point, overwhelming interest in enrollment will not turn individual and family needs away from a developing ACA. Therefore, your efforts to grab quotes from this liberal site, if detected, will be addressed by following your links and direct comments from site leadership.)

Excuse the digression.

The business of national catastrophe resultant from flawed 
employment practices is inexcusable. How could one INTEL agency have records about a spy, with sharing that information via a common database?  If the word spy does not work for Snowden's attempts to illegally enter secret files, how about listing the twerp (Snowden) as a security risk, via a common database?  And, that database should most certainly constitute a required visit by the likes of Booz (the common that hired Snowden and shipped is zany ass to Hawaii). 

How do we know such contractor arrangements have not led to "unfriendly nations" operatives currently working in our INTEL agencies?  We don't know, do we?

Edward Snowden is a technology spy, and companies that hired him via flawed background investigations should be banned form doing business with our INTEL agencies. 

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