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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Affordable Care Act Moves Forward! Connect The Dots Has Our Backs

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment is rolling along well in some states and not so well in other states.  Do you know the missing link between "working well" and "not working so well?" States that setup marketplace exchanges (as provisioned by the ACA) are experiencing far less enrollment issue than states did not setup-up state exchanges.  
A Primer to the State Exchanges: States have either implemented a state run health insurance exchange, or let the federal government run the health insurance exchange for them. Some states have taken a variation on the approach by partnering with another state or the federal government. No matter what approach your State took the way you shop for insurance is the same. Find your State's marketplace now and fill out an application for coverage that starts as early as January 1st, 2014. 
• Sometimes health insurance exchanges are called health insurance marketplaces.
• The official health insurance marketplace for State's not running their own exchange is  See more
GOP Obstruction and insane resistance the provision of the ACA, has provide fruit for powerful plutocrats like the Koch brothers.  After, shelling out over $200 million in support of  "repeal or defund"  The brother from Kansas suit find a degree of satisfaction in ACA website issues. 

Connect The Dots has continued its stellar Obamacares education campaign via another information laden Facebook post.   The developer of the page points a finger at the core of enrollment problems and provides an opportunity to get around the problem in a few states where the GOP refused to setup an ACA exchange. 

As you view the image that follows, Connect also includes vital information about Medicaid Expansion: a key component of the ACA

Connect The Dots

If you live in one of the states setting up their own health insurance exchange (indicated by an “S” and one of the “P”s on this map), you can also bypass the jammed up federal site.

Here are the direct links for those states:
District of Columbia:
(for enrollment this year, using

The current problems with enrollment in states where Governors towed the GOP party-line or edict via refusal to setup an exchange will be resolved.  The ACA will move forward in some form despite GOP obstruction. The real tragedy is, there are people who need healthcare in states where the GOP governors have refuse to provide a website exchange.

Quick look at states with the highest level of uninsured (in 2009) has much in common with the states depicted via the Connect The Dots Facebook page.

Percentage of people without health insurance coverage by state, according to the United States Census Bureau(2009).[1]

A sad state of affairs when the highest need existing states led by the GOP and with constituents who consistently vote Republican. 

ACA enrollment issues related to "back-end" Insurance providers must be fixed and fixed damned fast. Back-end problems are inexcusable to be frank, and should have the highest of priorities in bringing the problem to an end. 

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