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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News, The LIV And The Muslim Museum

We are aware the following video clip is embedded in another post published in the wee hours this morning. The clip is so exemplary of Fox News, it should be archived as the focus of its own website piece.

It is important to see the extent Right Wing media manipulates the minds and psyches of its viewers. Fox exists solely on the psyche of LIVs (low information voters).  People actually tune-in to the network for right-wing propaganda and entertainment that is impossible to label news.  

As I viewed the clip, I was actually entertained by how fox writers an producers crafted the segment.  It is the most misleading 2:21 minutes I have seen since the James O'Keefe's "Pimp" ACORN tapes.  

Watch the one minute lead-in about false claims of Democratic government shutdown and the closure of World War II Memorial closure. The lead-in is a simply path (for the gullible) to what follows. The Fox team actually stated President Obama would personally pay to keep the Muslim Museum open! Think for a few seconds about the full scope of FoxPEN (Fox Entertainment and Propaganda Network) segment. President Obama would hardly allow his brain to even think about such a proposition. The president's advisers who declare him insane if he even mentioned such. Additionally, we have seen no evidence the president has biased views towards any segment of the population beyond the middle and lower people. He does seem to have a bias against the uber wealthy, even disdaining interaction with wealthy liberals.

The real news. Fox News drew their story from the keyboard of a right-wing satirist. In other words, the story is a lie.  

The segment you are about to see is proof-positive of the extent to which FOXPen manipulates its viewers.

We should relish in the reality of our aversion to FoxPen and American LIV (low information voter) conservatism. 

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