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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Daily Kos Literally "Nails" Right-Wing Propaganda

Media matters published a meme over the weekend that sets the sage for a piece I am going to introduce from The Daily Kos. The meme exemplifies a basis for propaganda and dogma messaging that can and does influence people to a place that is not in their best interest. A place contrary to the person's normal position on issue, or a place diametrically opposite beliefs espoused throughout the person's life.

Conservative America is masterful at mind-altering messaging. As far back as Richard Nixon, the GOP has leveraged its wherewithal in mind-altering messaging wile steadfastly moving the nation Right of Center. Hence, the conservative SCOTUS. We are seeing the epitome of such messaging on a daily basis since Barack Obama took the Oval Office in January 2009.
The Daily Kos recently published a piece that is must reading, viewing  and contemplating. The piece, The-Brainwashing-Of-My-Dad-By-Limbaugh-Fox-GOP-Media, explores via Kickstart documentary a writers personal view of watching the influence of viral Right-wing media on the psyche of a former progressive mind (and family man). 

If you are reading here (the TPI), you know our position related to right-wing media, and powerful people who have corralled conservative and libertarian politician into "Solyent Green-like" functionaries. Worse yet, those same mind altering entities have "done a job" on millions while introducing a phenomenon to the American political spectrum.  We now have LIVs (low information voters) who are as dangerous to our society as external military threats.

LIVs are not people who would harm the nation angst. They are people who have subscribed to political thought and paradigm, so influence by right-wing media and 50 years of Republican dogma, they refuse to consider thought outcomes that even remotely approaches  "center of Right or Left."

You know them.  You have them as Facebook 'friends'. I formerly connected to a few; once discovered as low information conservatives the Facebook connection change to an "unfriend" status.  Life is too short to interact with people who would vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan after witnessing the horrors of the 2012 campaign. Anyone who will completely ignore empirical data showing Democrats are much better managers of the US economy is not a person with whom, I care to interact.  If a person cannot see the social implications of a political party that is 92% white (in a nation as divers as the US), the person has accepted a form on intolerance that is a core ideology/axiom of the GOP.

We are going to introduce the Daily Kos (must read) piece via embedding a video from the piece; the piece is linked after the video. 

The Daily Kos

The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Limbaugh, Fox & GOP Media

Linked piece 

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