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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

60 Minutes And a Foray Into The Fox News Model

CBS News journalistic review is complete and the one network that reports on Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) continues to report on 60 Minutes and its failed reporting.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC, ALL IN, took a turn at reporting on today's report.  Eric Boehlert, Media Matters, joined Chris Hayes, and literally exposed 60 Minutes as having accomplished a major journalistic. 

Boehlert stated Media Matters will continue to watch 60 Minutes and CBS management for evidence of "lesson learned."  

Rest assured we will also watch for stories related to 60 Minutes going forward.  Why is that important you ask? It is important because in 2011, someone in CBS executive management made a decision to hire a Fox News executive : David Rhodes.  Rhodes started his new career at Fox New sin 1996.  There is no way the Rhodes hire was for reasons other than transforming CBS News to a model that resulted, two years later, in the Benghazi story.  Does it take a leap of imagination to come to the conclusion Rhodes was instrumental in hiring Lara Logan and her producer?  It is important because for whatever reason former reputable media executives are pandering around with people who have developed a style of reporting that is not true journalism.

Jeff Fager and his Board of Directors did not seek to hire an executive from NBC nor MSNBC.  Heck, they did not even reach to hire a News Division executive from the former "neutral" (their slogan) CNN.  The decision to hire Rhodes was as strategic and purposeful as decisions made by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice and Powell to invade Iraq. We cannot say the eventual newsroom failure was equivalent to a war in Iraq. However, we can assert the decision to hire from Fox News was as flawed as faking WMD to go to war. 

As you watch the embed segment, consider the following. MSNBC, Hayes, and his guest are consummate professionals.  While, virtually impossible to prove, we are experiencing real world dissonance as we try to imagine the Benghazi Report was not intentionally developed and broadcast.  Let's Face it Rhodes under Roger Ailes has a wealth of experience in crafting similar reports on Fox News.

Now that you gave Hayes and Boehlert a few minutes, think about another item.

We have people on the Right, Fox News, and just about every right-wing pundit clamoring for disciplinary action against Martin Bashir for his graphic reference to Sarah Palin. Yet, not one 'mouth-on-the-right" has spent a utterance on the "fake" 60 Minutes Benghazi Report.  

What does that tell you about Right-wing America?  

How many times have we asked the question, "What happens when people follow a path well traveled by conservative America?"  Failure is at the end of the path.

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