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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MSNBC Shows How GOP and Fox News Again Flops (Head First)

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The collateral damage from the 60 Minutes Benghazi fiasco continues. My viewing of MSNBC last night was undoubtedly shared by millions. If you watched last night you can skip re- runs of the segments embedded below. If you have not watched the following segments missed electronic journalism and associated opining at its liberal best. You also missed how media will grab the throats of its competitors when the competition goes completely outside the scope of professionalism 60 Minutes far exceeded any semblance of professional and forces look backs at the 60 Minutes of old with thoughts of a former investigative giant.

This past Sunday, Lara Logan spoke about her botched and very much "yellow journalism" Benghazi segment.  Ms. Logan and 60 minutes committed far more than a simple and egregious mistake. The network news magazine committed the ultimate sin of broadcasting; an outright lie that should have been verifiable via any journalism college intern.  The network was purely pandering to right-wing viewers and joint Obama (and Hillary) Derangement to the maximum.

Fox News and various Benghazi obsessed members of the US Senate took-up the 60 minutes "dog whistle" and ran with it right into the living rooms of viewers who lust for right-wing lies and misinformation. Neither Fox nor the obsessed opportunist in the US Senate have addressed their culpability in spreading the Benghazi lie. 60 Minutes has publicly acknowledged its part in the fiasco. 

Ms. Logan this past Sunday appeared much more reserved and deflated. We notice Ms. Logan is much more professionally attired for Last Sunday's airing of 60 Minutes than the enticing attire for the original broadcast. 

Original broadcast image

Sunday November 10, 2013

It is one thing when Fox News follows the 60 Minutes fiasco with much accolades and followup derangement. from Fox News that was an expectation. It is yet another when 60 Minutes preempts the Fox News (and at times CNN) "skin" news as while delivering an on-air segment. Maybe, 60 Minutes recognized the demographics of the Fox News viewer and added a bit of "skin with that false news."  The business model works at McDonalds, why not ratings lusting networks. 

Our reason for continuing to "go there"  and comment about "skin with that news" has nothing to do with prurience (or lack there of). We are concerned about the quality and veracity of news shows (television and radio) as a medium for disseminating information vital to good decision-making. The concern is enhanced by a recent Gallup poll with findings that indicated most Americans get their news from television. 

The following 30 second embed is Lara Logan's 60 Minutes ending segment this past Sunday.

If you missed the MSNBC reporting on Fox News and Republican feasting subsequent to the 60 Minutes segment, give it a few minutes. What you are witnessing is politicking at its lowest denominator. Lindsay Graham was in Congress when the Bush years experience far (far) more embassy related deaths than the nation suffered in Benghazi.  It is clearly obvious some on the Right, Fox News and 60 Minutes are guilty of politicking towards 2016. The GOP is what it is and will never change. Fox news is what it is and will one day be forced to change as it is to a credible news source. 60 Minutes was caught doing what is very popular these days, pandering and spreading false information to garner right-wing viewers.

Al Sharpton's take on the developing story.

Chris Hayes's, ALL IN, set-up to his 13:00 minute segment in classic form.  In summary, 60 Minutes and CBS had every opportunity to handle its "apology" segment in a manner 60 Minutes management chose not to consider. 

And Chris Matthews closed my evening with strong suggestions for Obama to "strike back." When bullies are allowed to run a muck  they only get worse. They do not back off unless burned.

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) has actually become a sub-industry for US media.  Every major news network and tow major cable news networks have published or broadcast segments that have been proven misleading (to keep it somewhat professional).  

We realize a portion of the population can be described as Obama haters. We also know the GOP will pursue Benghazi until the party loses the 2016 Presidential Election. They will do so despite any evidenced that could also point fingers at their culpability in the tragic deaths of four Americans. Despite easily accessed data included in the following graph, the GOP persists with a ghost hunt that will probably never yield desired results.

Both John McCain and Lindsay Graham were active members of the US Senate during a considerable part of the period depicted above.

When news shows like 60 Minutes join in the shark feeding fest, ultimately the network flagship broadcast suffers along with the parent company: CBS.  60 Minutes has lost one viewer who will never return.  Or, maybe I will return when the news magazine rids of faux journalist like Lara Logan and forsake its obvious efforts to garner far-right wing viewers.  

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