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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Reverend Cruz Goes Birther With A Touch of Racism

Small image of the day: Rafael Cruz
For readers who may feel we comment on racism a bit more than is necessary, maybe you should open your mind a bit more and recognize a few things.

First, people who live and practice "isms" do not suffer from singular "isms." I doubt there is a racist in America who is also not suffering from some stage of sexism or homophobia. 

Second, we hope you are not naive enough to fail to realize racism works many ways. Yes, there are white racist, black racist, there are Asian racist, Latino racists and on and on. Among the identified groups there is only one opportunity to exercise one's racism against those of another race. The TPI ultimate and extended definition of racism includes the prospect of a person or a group's ability to practice actionable oppression against other racial or ethnic groups. Only whites have what we call "conferred privilege" and more aptly translated for those who leverage conferred privilege:  "White Privilege." 

On a tertiary basis, the prospect some of you may not realize that racism exists among minority groups. The perfect example has been revealed via Mother Jones's David Korn, the very David Korn who released the now famous (election killing) Mitt Romney 47% Boca Raton video.

Watch the video of Rafael Cruz greasing the skids of bigotry and racism for sake of campaigning on behalf of his son's Senatorial candidacy.
[h/t MoJo]

Did you notice the Rev. (elder) Cruz's heavy Cuban accent? Wonder if the tea party audience found cause to think in terms of racism and bigotry towards the obviously naturalized Cuban.  We do not believe so, as Cruz has folded into a mold of differentiating himself, and his son, from the people who occupy personally perceived lower tiers of America's social strata.

While I have not studied his genealogy, the elder Rev. Cruz. is a native of Cuba. He fathered a son with a Canadian woman, thus laying (excuse the pun) Cruz the younger to the same numerical racial mix as President Barack Obama: half white; half non-white. Unless, the elder Rev. Cruz considers himself one of the newly coined "White Hispanics." We very much suspect the Cruz clan represents one of the racial and ethnic groupings the IRS and other government agencies now offer when completing government documents. The Cruz's would probably reach to check: "two or more races."  I have read reports Barack Obama continues to check "Black /African-American."

How do you avoid Rev. Cruz's play on race via reference to Obama's Kenyan father?  You might feel that Cruz was simply feeding the ravishing tea party crowd a bit of birtherism. It is important to remember, Rev. (elder) Cruz's son recently extolled the virtues of the nation's most noted senatorial racist: Jesse Helms. It is obvious the Rev. (elder) Cruz, chooses not to accept his ethnicity (and his accent) places him in a social strata many in his audience would find under different circumstances intolerable along with President Obama.

Actually, as time passes the GOP might collect funding to move the Cruz family to ex-patriot statues with residence in Havana.

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