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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why Is US Electronic Media Joining The Kochs And The GOP As Pied Pipers Of Misinformation

During a two week period when American news media has proven it is about little more than attracting viewers to prop-up ratings. This week we find yet another example of crafty people obviously longing for attention or money who manage to lead networks news shows astray.  

Fox News has been at the pinnacle of such flawed and misleading reporting; NBC and CBS also joined the charade parade with episodes that should have generated thoughts of, "Let's dig deeper for more details."  Yet neither of the three networks performed above the level of a college journalism intern. Since, we know those television management teams, producers and editors are at least fairly competent professionals, their 'lazy' reporting is suspect. Suspect as to motive and intent.

We know the Fox News mission regarding the ACA: join the GOP,  libertarians and the Kochs in killing the humane critical program. CBS and NBC's flawed reporting were astounding and uncharacteristic. The misleading reports were especially astounding since non-network professionals literally busted the networks. A writer employed by Salon Dot Com recently screeded on misleading reporting.  And believe it or not, Greta Van Sustren (and her team) over on Fox busted a false CBS report, and another writer with the LA Times recently busted CNBC's "Obama Hatter" Maria  Bartiromo guiding a guest down a path that the network had to know was an oasis.  We use the figurative "Oasis" based on past anti-administration and anti-Obama "hatred" from Bartiromo. Each case of misleading on-camera performances not only harm the potential good of the ACA, the stories also provide viewer induced ratings that garners revenue. 

The ACA is providing significant opportunity for news ratings. But, it is not the only politically charged issue that provides prime 'red meat' for administration haters, GOP politicians and network ratings. Ratings seeking may not have been the ultimate motive or enticement for a comparable flub by 60 Minutes. 

There are few news shows and electronic news weekly magazines that can compare to 60 Minutes as a former without question credible investigatory source on information. CBS's 60 Minutes team has also fallen victim to 'red meat' hunters and monthly ratings scrimmages. An alleged Benghazi insider sat for an interview with 60 Minutes, which led to a 47 minute segment on Fox News. Media Matters is reporting there are major issues with the alleged witnesses story.  As I watched the segment I wondered how the CBS news magazine guest   could have been on the scene of the killings and fires an escape as he apparently escaped.  Isn't it amazing no one at the network had the same thought. Or, if there was a thought about the guy's credibility, it was shuttered away for some reason. How could highly compensated (supposed) investigatory professionals and producers violate a basic canon of journalism: seek validation or seek more than a single source?

60 minutes

We are embedding the 60 Minutes video and linking to the Media Matters piece.  You simply must watch this interview and follow with a quick read of the Media Matters piece. link to video)

As previously stated, we have grown to expect such non-credible exhibitions from Fox News.  When historically reliable and formerly credible media joins in the hunt for red meat, we as a nation are seeing the early stages of real trouble.  Obama Derangement Syndrome has been historically avoided by credible media.  When the likes of NBC, CBS (60 Minutes) join the feeding frenzy, we open ourselves up for further dissolving into a well set plutocracy trap by people such as the Koch brothers and their well funded GOP. 

Each Sunday millions watch 60 Minutes. If the Media Matters piece we believe and posted here is accurate, we wonder if 60 Minutes will broadcast a clarification.  We know the Media Matters revelation will not get a mention on Fox News. 

It is critical that credible media revisit such misleading reports. 

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