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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CBS Reports on 27% Dow Jones Increase; Continues To Draw TPI Ire

 And an apology for finding the news on CBS News!  The CBS market report will follow our CBS tirade. We seriously feel the need to address why we ran across the story.  

The Pardu's CBS tirade.....

As is standard practice, we at the TPI will develop a year end market and economy piece.  It is a bit early for final tallies, but we know housing is up, the Schiller Index is up to the positive, markets are up and unemployment is decreasing (although there are glitches in reporting on the unemployment rate).

After watching a rather dull bowl game, we failed to turn away from the CBS Evening News broadcast.  We offer a bit of background here. The 60 Minutes Benghazi story and revelation that CBS executive management hired a former Fox News executive (for its news division) in 2011, we refuse to tune-into CBS News. Why bother if we will be exposed to Fox News-CBS? A few words about David Rhodes and CBS before we move to the heart of this piece: the US stock market.

After following the Banghazi story for a few days, I ran across a piece about David Rhodes.  Apparently, Rhodes started his News career at the relatively new and fledgling Fox News. Basically, Rhodes eventually was responsible for following Roger Ailes and his boss Ruppert Murdoch in turning Fox News into an unabashed propaganda division for the GOP. Early on, we think it safe to assume he developed into a personal right-wing propaganda machine that eventually manifest at Fox in 2010. There is something very revealing about the backgrounds of people and how background shapes the individual and the person's paradigm. You and I also know Fox is exceedingly successful in spreading Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) like no other media. The network outpaces the racist and sexist (party ideology leaning) tirades of Rush Limbaugh due to our affinity for securing news related information via television.  Isn't it safe to assume the CBS hiring strategy was such that it could not help, but eventually end with a Benghazi story?

Rhodes was reported to have joined Fox News in 1996 after graduating from college.  He must have performed well in the Fox News model to acquire a senior level position over a 12 year period. Now, we get to the heart of the matter. 

CBS executive management and Board of Directors must have embarked on a concerted effort to hire the former Fox News executive. The only reason for such a strategy would be to clone or to leverage Fox success in reaching audiences. Problem is CBS abandoned credible and competent investigative reporting (with the fake Benghazi story)  while cloning Fox's prurient news model. We even recall reports Fox New had refused the story in the recent past.

As you approach the photo spread below recall Gretchen Carlson spoke on a radio show that women at Fox News were not allowed to wear pants.  Why?  The "why" is rhetorical; we know the answer. 

CBS can, and should, maintain standards above the following and the Benghazi story.  Join me after the spread for a short video report on the US stock market over the course of 2013. 

Benghazi broadcast evening!
Apology evening and very non-verbally pensive.

CBS Evening News reports.

Year  ends with Dow up 27 percent; stocks recover from recession

Happy New Year!

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