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Monday, December 30, 2013

Conservative Whites Contribute Greatly To Racial Divides!

A relic of the past conservatives want to rekindle!
Finally, clear validation the nation's racial divides are rooted in conservative America. Of course, you are thinking, "tell us something we did not know."  Validation and confirmation is often a  greater facet of the communication process than revelation.

Specifically, white conservatives have polled as the leading opponent of a diverse social paradigm in America.  Again, you think, "Tell us something we did not know."  Well,  we may have to stretch it a bit to capture and share "something you do not know" regarding issue of diversity. Let's face it people who come here are well versed in diversity, even if you do not embrace intolerance for others (and that includes tolerance of white Americans) you know diversity and inclusivity are inevitable in a fair society. Instead of seeking a 'stretch' let's review graph data from a CAP (Center For American Progress) and PolicyLink  detailed study.

While not a stretch the study reveals growing acceptance of diversity across all demographic spectrum, Yet, we continue to find serious lagging from certain conservative demographic groups. And it is unfortunate, seniors join white conservatives regarding degrees of intolerance. What does that say about the Jurassic Era as metaphor?


One has to wonder if these people are indicative of the study findings. Two points. First, congress is not exempt for the ACA; maybe they are Fox News is their only source of information. Second, how does the ACA affect these protesters? Maybe, just maybe they enjoy the Pharma 'donut hole' the ACA closes. 

Our interest is not to be disrespectful; we are simply thinking via the keyboard. Maybe, the imaged folks have issues with the nations first non-white president. 

We digress, let's move to the CAP/PolicyLink study.

A few key study findings:

  • Americans vastly overestimate current and future levels of diversity.  
  • Americans overall are not pressing the panic button about rising diversity in society.  
  • Despite the general acceptance of demographic change, there is considerable variation by race and ethnicity in terms of openness to rising diversity. 
  • The younger generation and those with higher levels of education exhibit much more openness to rising diversity. 
  •  The greatest opportunities from rising diversity are associated with the potential for more economic growth and greater innovation and competitiveness for businesses. 
  • The greatest concerns about rising diversity are related to its impact on government services and the availability of jobs.  
  • Americans strongly support a new equity agenda designed to reduce racial and ethnic inequality and create the conditions for everyone to participate in the economy.  
  • Ideological attitudes about individual and collective action explain many of the differences in the support for an equity agenda.  
  • Lower education levels for blacks and Latinos and poverty-level wages are viewed as the most serious problems associated with inequality in America.
 CAP and Policy Link provided details equivalent to the extent of the study.  (graphs linked) (full report Scribd)

The white conservative as a one-off Jurassic universe of regressivism.
10.22 poll results

Some people are simply never going to awaken to diversity; see the following chart. The lower portion of the chart illustrates our point. It is important to note wide differences among whites regarding issues of race. Notice the the "More openness to diversity" (Y Axis). You may also want to review the lower portions of the axis. 


High information people and voters know US demographics will eventually relegate the Jurassics to oblivion as surely as Brontosaurus  passed into Earth's history.  While many on the conservative Right have no affinity for evolution, let's hope it doesn't take a catastrophic event to mitigate the impact of conservatism on our still developing society.

We came class to a catastrophic economic event with Bush and the effects of trickle-down economics over time: the 2008 Great Recession.  

If we are not careful we run the risk of following the nation's conservatives into an abyss from which the nation will never return. We think it ironic we came across this report via Think Progress reporting on the very day some progressive pundits are speaking of the GOP gaining seats in the US Senate.

Could the American public truly live at such low levels of political awareness? Is it possible conservative America will allow their aversion to diversity to deliver the nation to the greedy grips of uber wealthy plutocrats who salivate at our political ignorance and well honed paradigms? Is the American voter going to remain guilty of failing for a GOP southern strategy born of Nixon and taken to fully operational by Ronald Reagan?

It is a strategy that has provided feed for the data reveal in the CAP/PolicyLink study and it is as dangerous to the nation as trickle-down/supply side economics and as dangerous as the current Boehner/Cantor 113th Congress.

As long as conservative media and mulitmillionaire demagogues reach into the psyches of the gullible, we are doomed to against visit economic catastrophe. And, then maybe the US electorate well send the GOP to its deserved extinction.

We hope that you noticed, as did we, education is a major intervention against what is virtually white nationalism. And we wonder why Fox News is so successful and why so many on the 'Right' hate the 44th President of the United States of America.

Wonder how the "black conservatives" feel about the CAP/PolicyLink study. 

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