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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Herman Cain Is Back. Did he Say He Might Run? [ Wrong Party Herm ]

Not only Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush emerged from virtual hibernation to reap the fruits of the 2014/2016 election cycles, another has burst into the sunlight: Herman Cain.

Yes, Cain has comeback to the cameras and seeking a place in our psyches as both political parties start to line-up their potential candidates for 2016. My thoughts on Cain were published here in 2011 and we need say much no more than we had hoped he would melt into the world to AM Radio.  Let's be real, he cannot stand like Sarah Palin, as "smug-faced and dense as granite", but we surely hoped his cerebral constipation and oral diarrhea was a thing of the past.

Oh , the extent to which we were wrong.

He has arisen, grabbed a camera on Fox News and reminded us of why we cringed with every inane utterance from the man.  The following segment is about 3.50 minutes longer than it should be, but we are unable to extract a sub-clip. We are posting the segment to provide you with clear evidence Cain's issue are long-term and he was not simply posturing for the cameras in 2011 and 2012.  The man is clearly missing a few critical pieces of gray matter.

Our specific interest is the portion of the clip at which he chastised the RNC for publishing a list of potential candidate for the GOP presidential ticket.  He exclaims, "....they are all white."  Let's view the clip and I will comment on the other side.

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First things first, the Koch brothers, Fox News and Limbaugh (along with Beck) Are the central authorities in the Republican Party.  Without question eve member of the GOP is beholden and subservient to one of more of the aforementioned. Or, they run form any level of criticism and, or, scorn that might emanate from those who command media audiences. Thus, if they do the bidding of the demagoguery and the money-brokers, we ask why does O'Reilly not feel that is a central authority in the GOP? 

More important, does Herman Cain actually not realize he is affiliated with a political movement, party and paradigm that is anti-diversity.  Surely, he has to understand the reality of a political party with a racial composition of 92% white people. Such numbers are not in an way coincidental.  Why do people like Cain and other "Black Conservatives" (since they general avoid the words "African-American") fail to realize that 96% of Africa -Americans hold the GOP in contempt for a reason?  

We often show this image. And, we will continue to do so as it is a validating statement about how Cain's party feels about black people.  Is the African-American community in the eyes of the GOP as we often posit, "The Invisible Negroes?" 

Is it possible Cain doesn't realize the website outreach omission of African-American was intentional? The [point should be clear.

The GOP is not about the business of tolerance, diversity and inclusions.  Any minority visibility with the party has a strategic purpose and that purpose is grounded in subterfuge.  Michael Steele is the perfect example. Within weeks of Barack Obama's inauguration for this first term as president, what did the GOP do. Party power-brokers pulled Steel from the basement and gave him a mission, "Go get us some respect in the black community." The GOP also gave the nation Sarah Plain as a tool to combat the Democrat nomination of Barack Obama to head their ticker.  All said the latter from the GOP has turned into a national embarrassment and social horror story, not a surprise from the GOP.

Did you like me wonder about Cain's judgment in even mentioning a man who was discharged from the US Army under less than honorable conditions (West)?  What about his judgment (or desperation) in reaching for the disgraced Ben Carson as a possible GOP presidential candidate?

Ultimately, how insane is Cain to even imagine the GOP will allow an African-American as presidential candidate in the 21st Century? 

During the run-up to the 2008 General Election, I read a message on an AOL message board that is emblazoned in my grey matter. 

"White people will never elect a nigger president." 

Of course, the writer had a point as evidenced by the overwhelming exhibition of racism towards the nation's 44th President since before he took office. His comments have also been validated via GOP efforts to suppress the votes of African-Americans an Latinos. Yet, the dim-witted writer underestimated the intellect and social views of the majority of Americans (albeit it a very small majority).

That said, I feel very comfortable in my thoughts the GOP will not allow a black man or woman to head their presidential ticket until the natural changes in US demographics catches up with the Jurassic Era GOP.

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