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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick Hit: Rand Paul to Detroit? Seriously?

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We realize most who are Left leaning and will take a few minutes to guarantee they remain "high information" probably watch certain MSNBC afternoon and evening new shows. I am going to throw-out a "Quick Hit" of a segment from yesterday afternoon.

The Ed Show broadcast its daily social media "Trenders."  Of course, the GOP's dispatching the zany and wacky Rand Paul to Detroit to attend a conference, and by default speak to a community that has a large African-American population, came-in at Trender Numbers 1.

Why would the GOP send a libertarian to one of the nation's former industrial giant cities, ruined by GOP economic policy, to speak about tax free zones? Can these people think of anything beyond cutting taxes? How can they forget that cutting taxes and American Jingoism pushed us into a recession. The business of free tax zones is as old as Ron Paul. They work to a degree, but they will not revitalize and re-construct Detroit.

If Rand Paul is the best the GOP has as a point person for Minority Outreach, the party is as doomed as placing a soldier with 35/50 vision (20/20 being ideal vision) "on-point" of a patrol in enemy combatant infested territory.  

In Trenders, the GOP dusts off Romney talking points. while Rush’s wages war with the pope. Ed Schultz and Michael Dyson discuss Rand Paul’s Detroit reach out.

How seriously "LOST" Is the GOP?

UPDATE: A look into Rand Paul's African-American Outreach African-Americans. In, Fact, it looks like a flock of Libertarians.

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