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Saturday, December 7, 2013

US Media: Broadcasters For The Right and Serves As Mind-shapers


If you are a progressive, liberal, or open-minded Independent, you may have noticed television media (news Media) is joining AM Radio as the domain of American Conservatism.

From Fox News through ABC News the year has been bursting at the seems with broadcast that were not only in error, the broadcast appeared have been developed to beat other networks to the airways.  When television media reaches for races to broadcast they do not fulfill a basic journalism standard: Verify story and double check sources. Of course, we exclude Fox News from the latter as that network is an obvious outlet for Right-wing propaganda and servers well as a communication division form the GOP.  We do not expect stories  with any intent other than erosion  of the Obama Administration policy, and practice.   We have to only consider the 60 Minutes debacle, the ABC Benghazi email screw-up, and 

While not an established corporate media outlets, checkout this headline....

CBS News May Drop Benghazi Bomb On Obama - Free Republic

Other than Fox News, corporate media other than would never publish nor broadcast with a headline like the headline above. Of course, the 60 Minutes Benghazi report was of "Dropping the Bomb."

The Global Movement Dot Info, published a detail piece related to the extent of consolidation of US media since 1999. 


Larger Version: Click

Am ugly picture!  We understand cronyism and uber wealth plutocrats. It is impossible to imagine the Kochs and ultra conservative like the Kochs do not have cronies at the highest level of the Boards of the six media conglomerates. 

It shouldn't take much convincing for anyone to realize any industry with few corporate families have opportunity to shape US policy as much as any elected administration. Since, corporations have fiduciary responsibility to earn revenues and subsequent profits, along with CEO commitment to fulfill HIS multi-million dollar contracts, can we convince you can six corporate leaders and their Boards of Directors can act as mind-shapers.

If you are not yet convinced, keep in mind Both Gallup and Pew Research have reported survey results indicating we get our news from television. Did you notice that Fox News ranked highest in viewership according to the Gallup poll? We suggest that is a perilous thought. Fox doesn't broadcast news! The network broadcasts right-wing propaganda and is some cases (O'Reilly Hannity and Meghan Kelly) stories are fabricated or developed without total commitment to ethics.

If we consider the number of apologies, retractions, and Fox News fake story "busts" since the Democrats won the White House in 2008, our posit isn't a stretch. Actually, our posit is existential. The reasonable person would have thought the  Bush Years was a primer for a strong Left media lean.  Media never collectively leans Left.

The FaceBook Page FORWARD published a detailed review of what they called "Media Fail." 


How Disinformation Has Become The Norm

The vast majority of the American media is owned & controlled by corporations. 

Corporations now more than ever are using the media to shape public opinion. 

In this age of reality TV & shock entertainment Americans have become desensitized. 

Thus the same Republican Party that ruined the economy…

Murdered nearly a million people with their lies…

And literally robbed the tax payers blind.

Have been allowed to openly sabotage & smear the President for five years. Without being called out on their rank hypocrisy. 

Republican’s brazenness comes from their faith. Yes faith in the enormous propaganda machine they have created.

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Images with an exception for FORWARD meme, from The Global Movement Dot Info

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