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Sunday, December 29, 2013

When Bigots Rule; A Nation Regresses!

Tracy Knauss

BLINDED BY THE SIGHT — Duck Dynasty's patriarch denies having seen racism in the south when he was growing up. Anyone living in the south at the time knows this is selective perception on his part, because recognition of a problem necessitates action to rectify the problem or silent compliance with the social & economic evil. Phil Robertson chose the latter. So he feels no guilt because to him, the problem never existed.

The Pardu and and embed from The Raw Story.

I am ashamed to admit I know people who feel this bayou bigot was completely within the realm of acceptable behavior when he commented about gay people and African-Americans. A&E has trampled on all respectability by re-instating his show to full bigotry. And, the nation moves farther to the Right. What a disgusting path we are taking, directly into the clutches of plutocrats and the demented?

Duck Dynasty star: Girls should carry a Bible, cook and marry ‘when they are 15′ (via Raw Story )
Recently uncovered video indicates that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson may have fringe views — other than those on homosexuality and civil rights — that most Americans would find far outside the mainstream. In a controversial interview with GQ…

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