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Monday, January 6, 2014

Anonymous Strikes White Supremacist Webpage!


Anonymous claims to have defaced the webpage of a noted white supremacist group.  I often wonder why the hacktivist group dosen't take on my supremacists webpages.

Linked:  (No need to click the link however, the Account has been deactivated.) I suppose that validates the claim. I visited the page a few days back and it did, in fact, look as you are about to read.

Kudos to Anonymous!

Greetings, fellow Anons and Citizens of the world. It has come to our attention that Fascists and white power groups across the world are causing the spread of hate and ignorance.

A spectre is haunting the Earth, the spectre of Facism.

For long, we have seen the damage caused by the ideology of white supremacy. We have seen, and participated in, many decades of resistance to white supremacy. We, and others, will never stop fighting fascism and racism wherever it rears its head.

As fascists are tenacious creatures, adaptable to various situations and always hiding under a nearby rock, it is only (un)natural that they crawled their disgusting selves onto our internet.

We, as antifascists, and as Anonymous, refuse to give any quarter to fascists on our internet, as we have seen time and time again that they are like a plague, or a fungus, and when allowed to live in peace only multiply, and steal peace from those who would like to have no hatred for them.They spread their malice through children and adults alike.

To counter this vile ideology, we present a quote from our own dear friend, and brother of Anarchaos, Jason Hammond:

“Everyone  deserves a fair opportunity to lead a good and meaningful life and at  the moment we have a long way to go before this is achieved. Sometimes  we cry, other times we rejoice, but we must rise to the challenge and  work through these difficult endeavors to create a beautiful and free  society.”

This fight has been underway for many years. We used to use Boots and Batons, now we use virtual tools. Weapons have changed, not resolve. It does not end, or take breaks. We will take all actions to eradicate white pride from every corner of our world, physical and virtual.We will strike at all who support, promote, spread or hold fascist ideals, and we will do so with all of our strength, which is a great strength. Free Jeremy Hammond. Free the Tinley Park 5 and all other antifascist prisoners of war.

Respect existence or expect resistance.

#opAntifa, big shoutout to t
he network.

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