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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another "Bridgegate" Revelation Related To When Christe "Knew"

...was someone in his office screening his mail?

Does Christe seem to embody a personality that would support a mail screener who would deprive the governor of knowing a letter arrived and would require a response?

As go about our on-going scrutiny of  Chris Christe's "Bridgegate" we notice Talking Points Memo has published what appears to be a New Jersey State Senator's follow-up letter on what has come to be known as "traffic bullying." The TPM piece also includes other information for people who may have been on vacation is Sub-Sharan Africa or touring along the Amazon River over the past two weeks.   (See  By-lines amongst text below).

We at the TPI readily admit our bias against the New Jersey governor. We have perceived them man as a "bully" Since his first finger pointing and disrespectful (Gonna get ya) confrontation with town-hall attendees.  Of specific interest was his referring to a black town hall questioner as "boy." His finger in the face of the grade school teacher in late 2013, was also a moment of pure hatred for Christe's bullying ways. Finally, we consider it bullying when he called a former Navy Seal law student/town-hall questioner and an idiot; even if the student had raised his voice in angst. Spewing false mantra about Obama's lack of leadership within weeks of "on-his-knees" need for federal disaster relief money was another reason to question the Governor's lack of emotional intelligence.  A governor of any state should carefully weigh his/her quest for political brownie-points at the expense of the US president. While any president will also find humanity in his soul, and provide aid, the wisdom of lashing-out when one's state may have to rely on the Oval Office, speaks to impetuous show-boating vs. competent and credible governance (leadership).

We find the New Jersey Senate majority leader's letter as telling as it gets. Christe claimed late last week that he knew nothing of the bridge lane closures. He made the claim, despite comment about "traffic studies' in his podium performance at week's end.  

There seems to be much more evidence of a Christe cover-up than Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan practiced between their career damaging  cover-up (Watergate and Iran-Contra; both admitted). 

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