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Friday, January 10, 2014

Christe's "Bridgegate" Uneven Media Coverage And "Ignore, Deflect and Defend From Fox News

Yesterday's coverage of the Chris Christe's (office aides and top level staff) handling of what was previously reported as a 'traffic study" and eventually revealed as clear bullying and political punishment, received mixed (cable news) media coverage.  We use the word "mixed" to keep it civil so early this morning.

Mediaite reported on differences in coverage between MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. The salient point of the Mediaite piece?  Fox News didn't mention the Christe public apology until mid-afternoon, hours after the 108 minute process conference. The linked Mediaite screed is a good indication of how politics shapes our news coverage. Linked.

Of course, the Left (MSNBC) is digging deep into the "Bridgegate" issues and Christe "apology" day. (Chris Hayes a,b,c; Rachel Maddow a, b; Lawrence O'Donnell a). We think it safe to say the Christe's "Bridgegate" has given MSNBC an opportunity to, frankly, pile-on. Yet, we acknowledge the investigative and deep analysis focus of their broadcasts.  And, as expected the Right (Fox News) is circling the wagons and fighting like westward bound settlers defending their land grabs against attacks from Native Original North American people. The Right is firing off talking points and "false equivalent" comparison like settlers firing single load and repeater rifles. CNN, on the other hand, is floundering around someplace in the middle and very much reporting within the conscripts of respective show production teams and managers. 

Anderson Cooper, CNN's 360 show host, conducted a panel interview via what is becoming increasingly a "modus operandi" at CNN: two very conservative pundits (one of which is a CNN employee) and one liberal pundit.  Moreover, Anderson Copper directed his first question to a member of the panel who performed daily misrepresentations for Bush/Cheney for the first two years of their first term: Ari Fleischer! Ari Fleischer! The other conservative pundit /politicians made the rounds of conservative TV throughout the day: U.S. House of Representatives Michael Grimm. We will revisit with Grimm in a bit via a clip from MSNBC's Hardball broadcast yesterday afternoon.

We truly do not expect MSNBC nor Fox News to book pundits who will do other than posit along lines of their political affiliations (i.e., MSNBC Left; Fox News Right). CNN's new conservative business (news) model, is moving far Right and well ahead of the news business model at CBS (especially 60 Minutes). We will remind, in 2011 CBS hired David Rhodes, a former Fox News executive, to run its news division. There was no surprise 60 Minutes would become a propaganda division for the Right as exemplified by the very fake Benghazi Story and Lara Logan's theatrics

CNN's move Right is particularly troubling because it leaves no place for people to find what was once touted as "neutral" reporting. Let's face it, both Gallup and Pew Research reported, people get their news from television. Do you see the danger? We should have, by now, learned moving Right, as evidenced by our recent history, is nation killing dangerous. CNN has joined Fox News in mind altering news reporting with a concerted and strategic conservative slant. 

Media Matters captures our point as effectively and reliably as the media monitoring entity has come to be known (and expected).

Watch Media Matters makes our point.  Fox News ignores the story for hours.  

While viewing yesterday's Chris Matthew's Hardball, noticed he had booked Mike Grimm the extreme pundit/politician from New York State.

One of the GOP's most notable mouthpieces, Grimm (R-NY) patiently completed an interview with Chris Matthews and strategically dropped the GOP "Benghazi" talking-point towards the end of the segment. We are actually surprised Matthews did not anticipate the talking-point from the congressman. 

Benghazi has to be a major "red herring"; or dog whistle for conservative sycophants who have not read deep into the US Consulate killings. High information people know that Benghazi has unraveled as an issue against the Obama Administration as completely as the fake 60 Minutes segment.

The Grimm Benghazi talking-point starts near the 6:00 minute mark. Most of the interview is standard Chris Matthews fare and while relevant does not address the point for which we embedded the segment.

It would be a fantasy to expect right-wing media to cover Christe's "Bridgegate" as thoroughly as MSNBC. An expectation Fox would compete against CNN in covering the scandal would be comparable to waiting-up all night for Santa Claus (OOPs better not go there with Fox News).  Yet, the following graph from a link above is both startling and revealing.

It will be interesting to see if Media Matters published a review of broadcast time expended on the scandal for January 9th and January 10th (today).

Anyone who watches Fox News and actually believe they are vieweign to seek news has to live in a fantasy world.  Even MSNBC has been ultra-critical of the Obama Administration regarding NSA monitoring, Justice Department review of certain (print) media White House phones and the network (to the news host) was over-the-top critical of the Administration as the American intervention in Syrian Crisis was a remote prospect. Also, Ed Schultz is ever-mindful of warning the Obama Admisntraiton about the deleoping "fair-trade" Agreeements.  

Yet, when a network has  a mission of political propaganda and public relation in support of a ideology, we should not expect crticism, jsut "Ignore, deflect and defend."

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