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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fox News And The Minimum Wage: Lower to ‘$4 an Hour’ And ‘Black Teenage Unemployment Act’, (Video)

Fox News Guest Refers to Minimum Wage as ‘Black Teenage Unemployment Act’, Lower to ‘$4 an Hour’ (Video)
We suggest these people are ill!
During an interview earlier this week, Fox New proves it appeals to the lowest psychological denominator in the nation.

Since President Obama has spoken publicly about the need to raise the minimum wage, Fox News joins GOP politicians in heading-off the initiative well before Obama's State of the Union Speech. 

In November 2013 Gallup polled 1040 adults from 50 states regarding the US Minimum Wage. 

An Inflation-Proof Minimum Wage?

Trend: Minimum Wage -- Real and Nominal Value, 1938-2013

Support for Minimum-Wage Proposals, by Party ID, November 2013

Public sentiment favors raising the minimum wage almost as much as public sentiment is in favor of gun purchase background checks. As is the case with background checks the GOP and Fox News (and their commutations team) fights against the people.

In August 2013, the National Employment Law Project Action Fund, a non-profit group, reported survey respondent support for raising the Minimum Wage at 80 percent.

As public sentiment leans decidedly in favor of increasing the Minimum Wage, let's take a look and listen to how Fox News handles their sycophant viewers.

The Fox News host must have received her script from Charles and David Koch and every US industrialist who opposes a fair rate of pay. The woman actually speaks of lowering the minimum wage and penalizing the unemployed with lower wages. One of her guest is an obvious racist (and I do not level that word lightly) as he refer s to raising the minimum wage in a racial context.

We will not comment additionally on the remarks from the panel.  We will leave assessment and analysis of what you saw and heard to your values and social paradigm.

While we will not comment on the words and theme of the segment, as our audience is comprised of high information readers and discerning people. We are posting a set of charts from an article published in the Atlantic. The article relates to demographics of people who are suffering unemployment. We see those people and our economy as unfortunate who are now barter for the GOP. 



The sad reality. Fox News viewers will not seek the veracity of actual data that complete sheds light on the three Fox New propagandist. Do you think many Fox News viewers recognize the over insensitivity and racism imbued in that segment? 

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