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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hoboken Mayor Vs. Lt. Governor (Somebody is Lying!)

...and you know where my bet lies! 

One noted GOP leader has offered a perspective on who he feels could be lying (See below: MUST SEE and HEAR font)

                                                                         Andrew Burton / Getty Images
                                                                         Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

Last Saturday morning, MSNBC's UP W/Steve Kornacki unleashed a journalist's treasure trove, if all statements from Dawn Zimmer accusations towards the Christe Administration are true. We are sure you have seen the following embed if you watch electronic news media other than Fox News, but for sake on salient points in this piece, we are linking related segments from Saturday's UP W/Steve Kornacki.

Saturday January 18, 2014 UP W/Steve Kornacki. The following segments are key to understanding where Dawn Zimmer fits into the developing scandal and to give his viewers background how a environment that may have facilitated similar malfeasance post Hurricane Sandy. Remember, 'high information people' find time to expose themselves to information. One linked segment is 24:35 minutes long. We cannot stress the significance of that specific segment.
UP W/Steve Kornakci Segment I. (fill segment 24:35 minutes)

UP W/Steve Kornakci  Segment II.  (full segment 8:06 minutes)

UP W/Steve Kornakci Segment III.  (full segment 5:34 minutes)
The MSNBC videos are very detailed delineation of a possible scandal that may exceed the seriousness and ramification of "Bridgegate."  The Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, has come forth with a story that could lead to violations of federal law and could result in prison time for convicted offenders. In other words "Bridgegate" may become a manifestation of a deeper scandal we will refer to as "NJ Development Quid Pro Quo (NJDQPQ)."  Better yet, we may link the two issues via "Bridgegate/NJDQPQ." For clarity and to restate, one of the major players in NJDQPQ is lying.  We do not yet have a definitive answer as to which party is lying, and we may never have an answer.  It is worth noting, however, we have seen other cases of political malfeasance accompanied by attempt at cover-up. We assume it is coincidental the three cover-ups included Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and now alleged against Chris Christe. 

New Jersey's Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, call Mayor Zimmer's accusation "false, illogical and offensive."

The kerfuffle is clear and stark, somebody is lying!

If you want to see and hear one GOP leaders take on who which of the two officials (who happened to be women) are lying skip to minute 8:10 of this linked segment from Politics Naitons (A MUST SEE AND HEAR)

Ah, there is another player: Richard E. Constable III, Comissioner-NJ Dept. of Community Affairs. Mayor Zimmer has also reported Constable commented to about report she was against the Rockefeller Project. NJDPQP widens and snares more interviews for US prosecutors and the FBI. Linked.

We read no week-end reports of Commissioner Constable responding to Zimmer's reports of his NJDPQP comments. On Monday the Commissioner emphatically responded, on as follows:
"Mayor Zimmer's allegations are patently false, and absurd on their face. I welcome a full and thorough law enforement review of her libelous claims."
Other than Chris Christe's 68 minute address to the press and the nation regarding his 'victimization by his staff, the only official response from the Governor's office came in the from of an official denial. 

Rachel Maddow: "Why?" Unanswered In Christie Admin Pushback

Maddow adds yet another "why" to the developing investigation.  We will hold on our answer to "why" until the investigation move forward.

"Somebody is lying."

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