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Monday, January 13, 2014

Indiana Church Congregation Stands Up To Bigotry!

The power of resistance in the face of pure bigotry.  Sadly, the very same church management group that would stoop to such low levels of human existence, probably would do same regarding a congregation members based on race, and in some cases gender.

And, what we have hear is the perfect example of why religion has been used to oppress and discriminate for millenia.

If we saw or experienced more of such "extinguishing acts"  (the 80% protest) from people, perpetrators would be forced to acclimate to our changin world far more readily.

Photo: Priest wearing purple robe gives sermon via Shutterstock

Eighty percent of congregation quits after Indiana church forces out gay choir director (via Raw Story )
A church in Indiana has seen about 80 percent of its members leave after a gay choral director was forced out over his sexual orientation. Adam Fraley told The Herald Bulletin that he worked for the United Methodist Church in Alexandria for six years…

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