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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jon Meacham Joins in Obama Derangement Syndrome K1-12

Obama Derangement Syndrome K1-12?  Simply put a kindergartner through a high school senior could have handled the following situation much better. 

Jon Meacham
Historian? Really?

This is what happens when Morning Joe's panel guest follow Scarborough Mika and "I know nothing" Willie Geist down a path that leads to nothing, but bashing a president.  All the while they, via the nature of their broadcast, mislead.

Jon Meacham clearly misstated the use of Executive Orders by FDR and Abraham Lincoln during a segment of MJ this morning. One would think the learned, worldly normally credible and cogent Meachem would have better mastery of his craft.  

This linked piece includes data  available to Meacham well before he knew of the panel discussion this morning. He could also have prepared for the segment as guest are rarely blindsided by the direction of a particular show.  And, the following link places Meacham's misspeak among the most unbelievable: Abe Lincoln's Executive orders.


Jon Meacham Says He Was Wrong About Lincoln, FDR And Executive Order

I have watched Joe Scarborough hustle Mark Halperin down a path to suspension. "He comes across as a bit of a dick," Halperin spoke of President Obama after Scarborough encourage his continue speaking. And, I have seen Scarborough join Bill O'Reilly in on-air explosions, but I never thought I would see Meacham fall into that convenience of booking syndrome that guest often give back their hosts.

All parties around that table this morning know full well the GOP has not worked with President Obama on any piece of legislation nor any initiative since before he took office. Scarborough absolutely knows the Executive Order record of past presidents, yet they traipsed in areas of political malfeasance common only to Fox News.

How many people saw and heard the Meacham's comments and ran off to work with his way false information planted in their brains? How many, like me, felt he is a credible historian (among other things) who should know better? Hell, I knew his comments were wrong as soon as I read them (did not see the segment) . Of course, I gave up on watching Morning Joe for reasons delineated throughout this piece. 

I personally do not think I can watch Meacham's punditry again. Too bad really.

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