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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Karl Rove Shows His "Twilight-Zone" Level of Insanity


Seriously Karl Rove?

What happens when a world leader goes against Christe's "grain?"  What happens when he allows his so obvious lack of emotional control take him to a place that is embarrassing (whether he will add it ot or not)?  Moreover, what happens if one of two of those fired former TOP aides, secures immunity and tells all?  How will that bode for your credibility (cred). Well, I have an answer. You skirted through a "cred" disasters in the 2012 election, I guess "cred" doesn't matter to you nor those who listen to you.

Christe's performance this week was both, illogical, not well thought-out, and damning in revealing his deep character flaws. 

Finally, "Karl, you served with George W. Bush, the full eight years.  Yes, "cred" is not an issue with you."

The Raw Story

Karl Rove: Bridge scandal proves Christie is ‘what we want’ in a president (via Raw Story )
Republican strategist Karl Rove asserted on Sunday that New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) handling of the George Washington Bridge Scandal showed he had the right qualities to be president of the United States. During a panel segment on Fox…

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