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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Maddow An Exposure, Cogency And Relevance Regarding The Kochs

Imagine sitting on $25 billion dollars, with a background of "spoon-fed" privilege and elitism, imbued with conservative DNA (that reaches into the John Birch Society) and having grown accustomed to pulling strings in political and social America...from behind a cloaked platform propped-up in a "money takes all " society.  The Koch brothers enjoy such a life and they long for much more behind the scenes power that could lead to a US plutocracy with each brother anointed as "king:" King David and King Charles and their "Hunger Games"(tm) environs with you and me as mere pawns for their fun and folly. Of course, we would also serve as consumers of their industrial products that would surely move to the level of monopoly once anointed "king." 

The Kochs are so behind the scenes instrumental in funding and spreading their libertarian/paleoconservative, we strongly suspect no GOP politicians will govern without a Koch barometer comparable to you and me checking the temperature before heading out in the cold.  In fact, while less visible, we truly believe the Koch's stand even more prominently than Rush Limbaugh in setting facilitating conservative and GOP agenda.  

That brings us to a recent Rachel Maddow segment that proves the Kochs like any politician has staff dedicated to monitoring media. Monitoring with particular scrutiny of liberal media. Back to out path to the Koch's wizards of OZ with Maddow exposing efforts to influence how liberal media reports regarding the would be Kings of Oz.  Notice Maddow;s effective use of the word, "control."

Why are such uber wealthy men so active in "re-segregatiing schools", working to defund public schools, funding to kill the ACA at over $200 million,  probable tacit approval of voter suppression, and drug testing of welfare recipients? 

The answer is obvious, they wish to shape the nation in their paradigm and that means de-establishing all that is against libertarian doctrine and all that has the remote appearance of fair and open society for all. While many do not like to read such, we will not abdicate our responsibility to call-out as we clearly see it. The Kochs via their backing of the aforementioned and all things conservative by default advocate and fund a movement that places whites, men, and the homophobics as overseers of the nation with all others scrapping bottom for the meager left overs.

Maddow and her staff do not fit the mold of the Seneca Crane...

Seneca Crane, The Hunger Games

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