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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mario Piperni Answers Email (The TPI Agrees and Posits )

And a political year starts!

Our first 2014 re-blog from Mario Piperni Dot Com.  Thank you Mario for the partnership......And we at teh TPI wholeheartedly agrees with every word keyboarded by Mario. 

If I may posit just a bit before the Pipneri piece.

We grew so very weary of Bush/Cheney, we looked back a Reagan, we see the vile nature of the GOP and we wanted change. We wanted it quickly and completely. Candidate Obama promised "Change" and in may ways got just that, but in many other ways we sit and watch as concerted strategy from the GOP to stifled all things progressive have for the most part worked. Not only has pure obstruction worked, it has soiled the minds of progressives.

Our bureaucratic government and dangerous times have not helped with what some would call perception to the archetypal Democrat. 

Imagine going through the post election White House briefings and finding-out that Bush/Cheney had perpetrated wars via hidden budgets that contributed greatly to our deficits. Imagine learning the extent of the threats from enemies of the state who had waged war on the nation, and finding-out the inner workings of the ever-present danger. Imagine taking over a White House with a Congress laden with just enough Blue Dog democrats to even think of pushing a real Democratic agenda. For that matter, imagine taking office with an economic abyss called a 2nd Great Depression leering around very corner the White House.

Think of looking back at the early days of the first term and realizing the , High-road, turn-the-other check, staff you sworn into office would fail you. They failed not due to incompetence, they literally underestimated (as have we all) the extent of hatred and political malfeasance to come from the GOP. I personally recall sharing a email communication about Sarah Plain and comments she made regarding Obama winning the nomination to Obama's team. I received a communication back from David Axelrod that Barack Obama, he and others would be taking the high-road and focusing on the business of governance in an inclusive manner. Well, it took less than two years for the "White House staff to specifically ask people to share email and Facebook claims about the  Administration.   
They found-out just how vile the Right would carry themselves. There are no more 'high-road notes from the White House back to the public. We also notice most of those early advisers left before the Administration end of the first term. 

Of equal or possibly more importance, and despite protestation to the contrary, imagine being the first African-American President of the United States. Imagine the reality when it hits... you cannot lead as has others. You cannot work with specific constituency for fear of riling the Right as was the case with the improper arrest of Louis Gates and subsequent "Beer-gate." (what a farce when Obama was absolutely correct.)  Of particular note the president bothered to speak out about the Trayvon Martin murder. We continue to hear flak from the Right about the president's heartfelt and very apropos message tot eh nation. We carefully worded the previous sentences based on clear evidence, significant number of Americans hold Obama to a standard (a false standard based on an infestation social malignancy by millions) than his predecessors. After, knowing it would be a tough road to navigate and accepting the challenge, imagine the level of blindside when reality hits. Yes, we often hear, "Oh do not hit me with the racial poppy-cock, we elected him!" Yes, and many voted for Obama based on the woefully sad candidates nominated or the other side.  He may have been the lesser of two evils for many and we suspect so as so  many quickly turned (coat) and signed-on as members of the Fox News battalions. I often think of life in the US under McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan Administrations. A dire thought to put it mildly!

Finally, imagine the prospect of the public disdain or the IRS "alleged" scandal and the coverage from the media. The core reality of the issue was, the fulfillment of investigating the proliferation of tax-exempt "cover groups" was not as portrayed and was carried out more evenly than initially reported. Two additional factors: the Rights tendency to adopt pseudo-patriotic organization names (to facilitate contributions) backfired and slowed the approval process. Also, not one organization was denied tax exempt status. The president takes a hit for that as the buck stops at the top.

We know that Drone warfare has riled the Left to a level of unfathomable as it appears to stand against all things progressive. We will not commit on the drone warfare, basically because we do not see viable options to fight an enemy that literally immerse in urban environments to level what we once called guerrilla tactics. 

Lest we forget the business of the Affordable Care Act and its roll-out. Yes, We liberals wanted universal single payer bill; it was not going to happen and it did not happen. The roll out? Yes, terribly mismanaged and questions remains about the appointment of Sibelius to the HHS leadership position. But, that is behind us and we must work to get young people enrolled in that only health care reform we have.   

Of course, there are many reason some on the Left have grown to find Obama and the Democratic Party somewhat contemptible. We have addressed only a couple issues that we consistently hear regarding the Administration. Those same naysayers avoid even the slightest consideration of the 225 Accomplishments documented and cited by Milt Shook, The PCTC Blog, and other archivists. While it is not the most solid of positions, those naysayers also fail to realize the extent to which the nation has prospered via the non-election of GOP presidential candidates over the past five years.  

We truly hope our friend Mario Piperni doesn't mind our joining in introduction of his first piece of 2014.  It is a serious matter and the American tendency to think short-term and very much at the surface level is failing us in far more ways than we currently know.  It is also a tendency that is fed by right-wing media and we will very successfully.

Mario Pipeni Dot Com

Finding Me on Bartcop or Obama is a Fraud

Barack Obama - water
After a 2 week hiatus, it’s time to ease back into regular posting and I thought I’d start with publishing an interesting email I received yesterday. A gentleman named Neil, wrote me to both praise my work (thank you, Neil) and to express his complete disappointment in President Obama and the Democratic Party.
In a letter titled I Found you on Bartcop, Neil wrote:
I find your work brilliant, the best slamming of the Rethugs on the Internet.Unfortunately you, like Bartcop, believe that the Dems are the solution, and not, truthfully, part of the problem.
I voted for Obama once, but now I consider him a war criminal, and a fraud. I live in Mass, so I can vote for one of the few Dems with integrity, Elizabeth Warren, but I would have preferred that she had run as an Independent (like Bernie Sanders, Angus King) so that she doesn’t end up corrupted like most of the rest of the Dems.
Bartcop is the most partisan of Dems, even as every other paragraph of a posting is usually expressing frustration about the Dems.
Anyway, as I said, love your work. If you ever take a critical look at the Dems also, I’d contribute. But personally I have written the Dems off. I’m on SS and some of them, like Obama, are trying to do the “grand bargain” and cut what little I have and deserve for a life time of hard work. He’s a fraud. good luck, nice kids, work for their future.
I hear you, Neil, and I’m sure you’re not alone among liberals and progressives in feeling disappointment and a sense of betrayal by some of the actions of the President and Dems in Congress. In a more perfect world, I suppose, there would be no American troops in either Iraq or Afghanistan, Guantanamo would be closed, tax rates for the top 2 percent would be higher, implementation of a true universal health care system with a single payer system would be in place, comprehensive immigration reform legislation would be enacted, marriage equality in all 50 states would be a reality, the country’s infrastructure woes would be addressed as would the undeniable dangers imposed by climate change. These and every other item on progressive’s wish list would either have been dealt with in the last five years or be in the process of being dealt with, except that…
we don’t live in a perfect world, and…
democracy tends to get a little messy most of the time and…
getting everything you want is not a realistic goal even when you’ve won the White House and half of Congress in consecutive national elections, and…
Democrats are dealing with the most reckless, hostile opposition in the history of the United States.
That’s the reality, Neil. While criticism and frustration has been expressed by liberals and progressives toward some of President Obama’s policies, there’s not a hell of a lot of room to criticize a man who is trying to govern in what has to be described as the most obstructionist environment a president has ever found himself in. When forced to deal with an opposition who has made ‘compromise’ a 4-letter word and Republican policy is being dictated by a couple of billionaire brothers, Fox News, conservative hate radio and a small group of crazy, delusional baggers operating in an 18th century mindset, what did you expect?
Here’s the question I ask: If not the Democratic Party, then who? Imagine what the last five years would have been like if John McCain had won back in 2008. Troops would still be firmly entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan and Americans would most likely be fighting a war in Iran. Or imagine a country with a President Mitt Romney and the type of “compassion”  and “understanding” he’s shown for the poor and middle class. Imagine that, Neil, and tell me who you’d rather have in the White House.
I love Bernie Sanders and most of the principles he stands for and American politics needs all the Bernie Sanders they can get…but, here’s the thing; Bernie Sanders will never be president of the United States. Never, and that’s because as much as you believe in the thoughts and principles that guide your thinking, at least one half of the country disagrees with you and Bernie Sanders. And while that same half would possibly be willing to cast a vote for a more moderate liberal, they would never vote for someone as far to the left of the political spectrum as Bernie Sanders.
That said, I’m not suggesting that you and other progressives don’t hold Dems feet to the fire and demand that they do the best they can in pushing for a liberal agenda – after all, that’s what elections are for. But let’s not forget what’s happening out there. For every good intention that Barack Obama might have, he can’t do it alone. He needs the support of Congress to get things done and sometimes, reality dictates that you take what you can and live to fight another day.
Finally, Neil, what you interpret as fraudulent behavior on the part of President Obama is, I believe, pragmatism coming from a president who is forced to operate in a world of complexity and nuance we can only begin to imagine.
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