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Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Allegations Against The Christe Regime (We are seeing the smoke!)


 Approve a ‘lucrative redevelopment plan favored by the governor’ or ‘be starved of hurricane relief money.
If you read the statement above for the very first time, do you feel you could avoid the perception of 'bullying?"

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC UP W/Steve devoted his Janury 18, 2013 show exclusively to probing into Chris Christe's "Brigdegate." Some segments are very lengthy, but investigative electronic journalism often runs far longer than Fox News and CNN on-sided 'quick hit' segments. If you recall 60 Minutes once had the reputation of extensive investigative journalism broadcast via lengthy Sunday evening 20 minute plus segments. The show continues with long segments, but for my viewing and the fact a former Fox News executive now runs CBS News, 60 Minutes has been placed on shelf labelled "DO NOT WATCH." The show has nudged the entirety of Fox News to the right on the shelf and edged CNN closer to the right-middle (shelf position).

It is also critical to recall, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, latched lLike a wolverine onto the story and continues investigative probing, when no other cable show (MSNBC or others) broadcast reports. 

The story is of major importance and Kornacki has joined in the investigation. MSNBC is helping to understand what could be the most corrupt state and federal administration in decades.

While some of our readers took exception to the following analogy, we stand firm in comparisons of Christe's Bridgegate and Nixon's Watergate. It should be noted that Ronald Reagan also immersed in a cover-up of his and Oliver North's Iran-Contra guns for hostages scandal. Did you notice there is a common thread among those three leaders. 

We digress, back to Mayor Zimmer and allegation of "bullying" for political leverage.

What follows is an MSNBC "spider diagram" (excuse the vernacular) of the web of suspicion from the Mayor of Hoboken. The prospect of a Christe ally and potential multi-billon dollar construction project contributes significantly to the prospect of political leverage in closing the GWB.

A few media pundits (Both Left and Right) the mayors comments are of less value because she held her reports until "Bridgegate" revelations. We suggest it is easy for six to seven figure media pundits to sit on camera and posit as such. They have no regard for the various intricacies and nuances of politics from the mayor's perspective.  The pundits also are not the same person as the duly elected mayor of Hooboken, and I posit the pundits are a bit insensitive in suggesting she may be less credible for not speaking-up sooner.

I would actually expect theaa conservative former Bush communications direct (now MSNBC conservative pundit) to speak negatively about the mayor. When the progressive pundits spoke similarity, I was forced to wonder about the full scope of the guy's insight into 'power-brokering" and regime "bullying."

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