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Saturday, January 4, 2014

MSNBC Video Journey Of GOP Malfeasance (VIDEO)

The following video journey is all about exposure of a political party and social movement that embodies the essence of modern conservatism. It is obvious the GOP has without shame evolved into a political party who serves a constituency that less prevalent in raw numbers while combust(ing) into a metaphorical solar body of protectionist for people and entities who reside at top of the social/economic scale. 

The segments are not short snippets of raw news, but information at times requires interest and time. Haven't we gone over board with the 140 character coded utterances /reality show evolution in our society?

The Affordable Care Act via Al Sharpton broadcast earlier in the New Year.

We thought of ending this piece at this point.  Since the screed (w/video) includes comment and opine about GOP callousness and the party's core values of working on behalf of the nation;'s wealthy (and business concerns), the following video segment has to follow.

It is unfortunate many MSNBC segments are in excess of eight minutes run-time. On the other hand, the minutes are well spent with little to no waste of broadcast time.

There is a theme in the following video that rides just under the surface. Most on-air hosts are reticent to mention and explore the extent to which GOP trickle-down policy contributed the [light of the millions who have been cut-off unemployment payments. As you know, if you watched Politics Nation yesterday,  Eric Cantor has memo'd the House agenda for the month of January. Unemployment payments was noticeable, yet not surprisingly no included. 

How can Americans flock to the voting places to cast votes for the GOP?

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