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Sunday, January 12, 2014

MSNBC's Kornacki Delves Into Christe Remark And New Developments


Chris Christe's "Bridegate" completely defies logic. First and foremost, the act of lanes closures on the world's most busy bridge was an insane and diabolical act. Next, the pre-planning of the "action" is obvious if one reads the various email associated with the 'insane plan." And, that is despite heavy redaction. As, you know, even fairy-tale imaging that Christe had no idea of the plan is "tooth-fairy (ish), to say the very least.

If you are remotely open-mined on "Bridregate", you can see a deeply revealing portrait of Christe. A portrait deep thinkers saw many years ago. The man is a 'bully", he is a tough guy, and shadows signs of exercising dictator-like behavior in response to others. In colloquial terms, he comes across as someone who walks around with an "I will kick your ass" aura. If we take his demeanor, aura and visual being as a model, it is impossible to think he would hire and promote complete mavericks. People stupid enough to draw his wrath and, by subsequent act, garner an ass-kicking from the boss. We at the TPI are not behavioral scientist, despite our many years of working in the business of managerial science, but we posit learned behaviorist would find people like the governor hire differently. 

They hire people that fit their paradigm and best fit an environment they themselves develop, foster and nurture. Employees who would take it upon themselves to perform an act as drastic as shutting down the world's busiest bridge as political malfeasance does not fit Christe's psychological profile. If, and we feel he is, a bully his hiring would ensure employment of people who do his bidding without questions. And, people who do it without delay.  

UP/Steve Kornacki (excuse the first 1:12 minutes of introduction). The segment is 17:35 long, but remember high-information-people expend the time.

A culture of fear, intimidation in Trenton?

Important new developments in New Jersey’s ‘bridgegate’ scandal

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