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Saturday, January 4, 2014

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Voice Cracks Through An Apology!

...and Fox News continues to spew hatred and book guest who write about assassination of a president. All the while you and I do not seem to grow to levels of anger that lead to major confrontation of Fox News as a bully. We all know when bullies are left to practice their abuse it only grows worse.

Meilssa Harris-Perry
Closing out a saga, that truly should not have taken place. Melissa Harris-Perry issued a voice cracking apology for her involvement in last week's segment in ridiculing an image of Mitt Romney with his grand kids. One grand-child and the newest member of the Romney Family is adopted African-American. We know the genesis of thought that brought forth the "poor judgment." (Linked) We also know that a repeat of such will not take place. Another hope is that MSNBC will review other news related practices as we posited yesterday. If given too much time to fill and with no effort to do raw news, host and their producers reach to entertain. After a time, entertainment can lead to the same level of mental-processes required to sit and watch celebrity worshiping reality shows. 

We digress a sec...what about the completely inane MSNBC Steve Kornakci game show segment? 

As an example Ms. Harris-Perry also included comment about the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardarsian. Should news related shows evolve to all too frequent mention of host affinity for celebrity worship?

Before the segment, let me state Harris-Perry has added much to the broadcast portfolio at MSNBC. Let there be no mistake, we are not joining conservative networks like Fox and CNN in calling for actions against the highly credible MSNBC host. We simply would love MSNBC expend much more tiem an energy in covering real news stories (with comment and analysis) and less frivolity that provides momentary chuckles. When we reach for chuckles, we join Fox in their quest for anger and hatred. We also follow CNN as it thrushes around seeking ratings with no direction and and horrid tsunami of right-wing coverage of all stories.

Here’s the video, from MSNBC:

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